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  1. I, for one, rely on airsoft as an intermediate between the transition to real steel firearms training and tactics. Sure, airsoft is a ton of fun and I enjoy getting to shoot at real people with the intention of purely training for a real scenario however... High-capacity magazines are a crutch used by players with a lack of confidence in their capability - there, I said it! You might respond with "well, I can pin down tons of people with lots of rounds and I have a higher probability of hitting someone with 50 rounds versus 5." That is where I respond with the fact that you aren't very confident, and you aren't very trained. Anyone in the real world who does real shooting can tell you that rounds down-range mean absolutely nothing if you don't hit your target. Suppressive fire is a completely different topic, so don't start there. I mean accuracy. Nobody cares if you can shoot a ton of rounds and miss with a ton of rounds. It only takes one to hit what you're aiming at, and using a high capacity magazine that holds 300 rounds is giving you a ridiculous handicap. Starting using 20-30 rounds in your magazines and you will force yourself to trust yourself more, and will force yourself to conserve what ammunition you have. If you ever decide to take to real steel shooting, you will not have the luxury of hundreds of rounds of ammunition at your disposal. Make you shots count. Firepower is not the answer, accuracy is.
  2. From any research I've attempted to conduct, I haven't seen videos of people bashing systema's reliability and performance, so I do not have anything negative to run on. As far as KWA goes, I know they have an extraordinary reputation for quality, but I've seen a couple videos that have some major functional problems with the relatively new LM4 models. Rather than look at endless videos of praises and nothing but good things to say, I would like to find videos of potential problems and things I want to avoid. Anyone can make a video giving a gun praise, claiming it to be the very best they've ever owned, but I want someone to take a good, hard look at them and tell me what bad things to expect from both models, if any.
  3. I appreciate your feedback and your comments. I would like a little more information and a little more debate from other users as well, but I wanted to thank you for your help. I am starting to lean towards the KWA LM4, but I'd like to hear from some Systema proponents about it. I'm wondering if the KWA will match the systema in performance, and I'm wondering if the systema owns up to its $1400 price tag. Just because I can afford it does not necessarily mean that I want to, if I can get a different weapon with the same performance, and with added realism. Thank you very much for your help thus far, and please by all means, keep the conversation going!
  4. I purchased the KWA Mark IV pistol and after a year, I can confidently say that it is by far one of the best purchases I have ever made. To this day, all of my friends are envious of me for such a fantastic product, and any real firearm enthusiast I show it to seems very impressed and surprised with its authenticity and accuracy to a real 1911. (Knock on wood) I have yet to have a single problem with it, and I am extremely satisfied with it. It is very accurate, very durable, very efficient, and one heck of a gun. I would recommend it to anyone!
  5. Dear Airsoft community, I am fed up with buying sub-par airsoft guns and have decided that will go big or go home! I am very very much into realism and milsim because I believe that airsoft, ultimately, is training for real-steel firearm application, much like military and law enforcement use airsoft guns for training purposes. I am currently arguing over which rifle to purchase, either the Systema PTW Super Max M4A1, or the KWA LM4 PTR M4A1. For the purpose of the argument, let us assume that I am ready and able to purchase either and have the money to do so. Let us ignore the difference in price and focus on quality and performance. I would like your opinion in order to make a well-informed and rational decision. I am well aware of the price difference, but several things stick out in my opinion. The systema is much more versatile and in my opinion, less prone to breaking. The cylinders can be VERY easily swapped to give different fps outputs, which makes it ideal for changing environments and field limitations. The reloading feature is realistic by the fact that one must press the bolt catch to begin firing from a new magazine. These are two features I absolutely love about the gun. Despite these however, I feel that the Systema is somehow lacking in the realism department. The KWA is everything I dream about when thinking of realism, but I am afraid that it is outperformed by the systema, far less versatile, and is prone to breaking more easily. With gas blowback rifles, they must be constantly cleaned, fussed with, lubricated, and more moving parts increases the likelihood of damage and parts breaking! While I understand that realism can't be beat by the KWA PTR, does it match the performance of the systema? Does it match the systema in durability, reliability, and versatility? Please help me with a good debate with good, solid arguments. I really need your help to make the most informed decision possible! Thank you!
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