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  1. Thank's man. Left you feed-back
  2. Well, I didn't get it done this week-end. This is a great deal on a pair of good guns at a great price. Gonna let it run till Monday. Hey I will trade for black powder rifle or pistol. I love BP.
  3. Too the top, with last price drop. Fri. these go on e-bay.
  4. Did a major price drop. This is about as low as I can go. I really need this stuff gone.
  5. Shipping will be about $20+ . $110 is about it. If I can't get that for it ,I'll Keep it in the gun case......Looks cool...LOL
  6. OK , Dropped prices. Please feel free to shoot me an offer.
  7. Hi Guy's I have to get out of the game. Bad back injury and now these have no use to me All items INCLUDE shipping in the lower 48 I accept Pay-pal or US Postal MO's I will consider offers , NO TRADES All sales are final sold AS-IS Please be courteous to me and others who post. You guy's know the rules. 1st up D-Boys SCAR L comes with battery. I haven't shot this gun much. I bought it used and it seems to run well. Comes with battery. Gone!!!!!! #2 This is a Kirenx Aftermath M4, This is my go to gun. She has never given me any problems. Shoots well and easily hits man-sized target at 100+ feet. Comes with PEQ box with light and laser, Both work off pressure switch on front hand-guard. Laser is non adjustable and doesn't hit at point of aim. This was added but looks good. You could probably adj it to be dead on, I just never did. The PEQ also houses the battery (included) Also included is a 3-9 Scope with mounts and covers. Also included is the suppresser. Gone!!!!!! #3 WE Hi-cappa. Gun shoots well. Comes with 2 non leaking mags. Gun has extended 6.03 barrel installed with threaded barrel cover. Also includes stock inner and outer barrel and hi-tension spring set. Magazines have new hi-flow valves. $SOLD PF That's all for now, more to come Please feel free to ask questions, I'll answer as honestly as possible
  8. Got back to ya. Let me know. I'll be out of commission from the 8th till?
  9. SCAR and G3 gone . Someone needs this Tanaka M700
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