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  1. what is your opinion on this gun? http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...oducts_id=11354
  2. I think im going to get a high end gun from one of your suggested retailers, thanks for the help. I might ask about a certain model later on after checking those retailers out.
  3. if they're American companies will the shipping between borders be a problem? don't want my gun to get seized on suspicion.
  4. well fro my first good airsoft gun I wasn't planning on spending 800 dollars on some awesome gun, just a simple m4 that doesn't cost too much.
  5. others talked me out of sniping, so do you have any suggestions for assault rifles? electric or gas
  6. DMR? yea I guess it was a bit of a stretch for the sniper role, thanks for the advice, I'd prefer an electric gun, if thats good. please educate me on the lingo for airsoft. Do you have any suggestions to a specific model of gun?
  7. I'm a newbie to asf, and was recommended to this site for extra help from experienced airsoft players. I was wondering if you guys could suggest some good sniper rifles for a beginning marksmen. My budget is nothing over 300, because it's going to be my first sniper rifle, I live in canada, and would be playing in the field only. I'd really like to get into airsoft as a hobby, not just the occasional skirmish. I probably wont upgrade the gun until I know more about airsoft. any recommendations would be awesome
  8. I'm wanting to become a marksmen, I would only play in fields, price range is nothing over $400, what type of rifle would you recommend for a Newbie sniper like me?
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