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  1. I lived in Korea for a couple of years, I'm glad you like the M4 and welcome.
  2. Congrats on your purchase, the EDM Windrunner is a pretty cool looking rifle and I for one would like to see a review on it, mainly on the firing system, things like whether it is a single or 2 stage trigger, does it feel sturdy ie wobbly trigger or weird noses coming from inside and of course accuracy from a stable bench, if these aren't possible its fine, would like to see all of its functions regardless. Many thanks ahead of time!
  3. I had this issue before as well, just out of curiosity what is the AWG of your wire?
  4. So you're saying we should just give into ignorance? Sounds like a great idea. Matter of fact when I go to work tomorrow I'll let the "Real Snipers" know that the weapons they train with and use as part of there paid profession are called "Snipers". It's people like you that make me sick of these airsoft forums, and it's people like you that give airsoft its "video fan boy" reputation. This classification of rifle was conceived way before anyone on this forum was born, please have the decency to not ruin them with "trendy kid" terminology. Thank you.
  5. Honestly, improper terminology and "video game slang" is idiotic and extremely annoying. So please stop defending ignorance. Thank you.
  6. Sticking with a M4 platform would be the most cost effective solution. Its a gun, it can be used to kill someone, plain and simple. The HK416 was in use by the Army for the past 5+yrs. A M4 platform that is not direct impingement but instead piston operated would be a good move, even kits to revamp the current M4's would be good. I don't agree with the Army picking a completely different weapon for a handful of reasons. The primary reason being that out of all the soldiers I have personally taught basic rifle marksmanship skills more than half could not grasp even the fundamentals to being a good shooter ie breathing, steady position, sight picture and proper trigger manipulation(squeeze). If anything the Army needs a good kick in the a** and should spend top dollars on professional marksmanship training and range time. The small Army is already on top of this and sends its units to Triple Canopy/VTAC/Magpul/Costa/Haley type courses. Big Army needs to catch up. I had mentioned earlier that sticking with the same platform would in fact be most cost effective not to say that our soldiers aren't worth the money but instead to use that saved money to revamp the current body armor and SAPI plates to a lighter more flexible plate. A soldier that cant shoot for sh** would definitely benefit from better body armor more so than a new high tech "coolguy gat". The SCAR you say? Yes, I know it is already in circulation in the small Army but make this weapon system available to all units or the average Joe? lol and why on earth would I give a soldier that cant remember to shave in the morning prior to first formation or forgets his eye pro and doesnt tell anyone until 5 minutes before SP a weapon system with multiple detachable parts that he has to be accountable for? Oh, only issue said parts for specific missions or if the mission dictates you say? And we're going to have all the additional parts at/with the armorer and have to fill out and sign a 2062 every time we take said parts to make said "mission essential" weapon? lol do tell me more.
  7. Carlos Hathcock was a pretty decent sniper. According to forum rules I have to entertain or answer your question as well. so my answer is yes.
  8. Thats a pretty good deal on that WA2000, I'm sorry to hear that it too had sub-par performance. I personally was never a fan of the design or weapon itself due to it being in direct competition with the better built(debatable) and better performing(proven fact) H&K PSG-1 which is also my favorite sniper rifle, can you tell? lol. As far as investing in airsoft guns, I don't. I only invest in precious metals or stones. I do however thoroughly enjoy spending my money on these toys and just buying them to have fun with them. Fun, this is where Ares is lacking I believe. I don't think it's fun to buy something and not be able to enjoy it out of the box or upgrade it(if it's a sniper rifle it needs to shoot at least as good as an assault rifle!) anyways, enough with my personal interests/feelings and complaining about an incompetent company, I started this thread because I've seen a growing interest in airsoft sniper rifles, and with Ares releasing a couple of new models I'm hoping to get some real world feedback on them, maybe even some updates or (real)accuracy and performance tests with them. I'm sure I'm not the only one that doesn't want to buy a gun just to turn around and put it on craigslist or ebay lol
  9. Get a M11, ROF of 25+ ... 25+ rounds per second to the face, do it.
  10. LOL <AT> "1)Muscles" tips: subdued IR flag for the hat, classic mechanix gloves with the white logos on the back (looks sick) standard issue tan Army boots look good or the danner combat hiking boots, and write some crap on your mags like the first letter of your last name and a number (used to identify magazines) in a red or white paint pen, then youll look all highspeed cool guy! and remember drop legs are old and busted, battle belts are the new hotness. BTW get on those pushups trooper!
  11. EDI- you do have some very nice rifles and I too own a couple of SR25's but I have 1 that is tricked out beyond tricking out lol the DSR you have is the version 2? I heard that the version 2 was better than the lighter gray version 1? don't remember who told me this correct me if I'm wrong. Tom- I've heard about the china lake idea getting stolen by ARES, its sad to see companies take advantage of the little people (consumers) but on the same note, this is why a lot of real steel folks hate china copied parts (pretty much every airsoft bolt on accessory available) from the Eotech's to the Aimpoints, to non licensed engraved m4 lowers to the Leupold clones. This "stealing" is much bigger than people realize, its just that when it hits home or happens to someone you know that you see it first hand. Either way back on to the topic of Ares and their crap guns, I do like how the MS338 looks and will probably get one someday hopefully from a manufacturer that will have upgrade parts available for it. The new EDM200 Windrunner they made is very interesting, especially since its basically a lighter more portable version of the M200 Intervention and I wonder if the barrel unscrews like the real one. They must have sold a lot of the M200 and figured this one would sell as well? The M200 is ALSO another one I am eventually going to pick up lol, I personally think it is THE coolest looking sniper rifle on the market. <fanboy right here lol
  12. I know what you mean, I own a completely custom SR25(not many built up ones around here) and a PSG-1(not many floating around period) I do like the slightly rare guns. I'm really digging the MS338 and the M200 but get a bad vibe about both. Whenever I find a review on either it's usually a garbage a** review or saying that the gun shoots, sub par..... I don't have a problem with upgrading the internals but you would think for the 450-1200 dollar prices you would get a gun that shoots decent. they claim that their new guns are VSR 10 parts compatible.... we'll see. Either way, I think ill just sit back and seee what some "average" consumers have to say about them.
  13. Like what dawn said, gas would be your best bet. If you have no problems completely breaking an AR down completely ie removing the slip/delta ring and barrel and complete disassembly of the bolt carrier group (or access to youtube), you should be alright to pick up a Gas G&P challenge kit for around 200.00 and have no issues assembling it. Other than that, an AEG with the features you want probably isn't going to be in the price range you want ie systema's PTW.
  14. But the question is, can they finally make one that shoots decent out of the box?
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