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  1. I had been looking at the KM16 BR. Ive always like the G&G M14s and would love the walnut wood stock one but I havent heard great things about the internals. From what ive heard E-series from VFC isnt all that great so I havent paid much attention to VFC seeing as the E-Series line are the only VFCs in my budget
  2. For this budget what do you recommend. I want really good reliability (I don't want to replace anything for awhile) I will play mostly woodland. I know this seems kind of general but I want everyones opinion from this. Thanks P.S. I know TM is extremely reliable but I don't want to dump alot of money into upgrades so please no TM recommendations, thanks
  3. How is the reliability of G&G's top tech line compared to KWA?
  4. Speaking of G&G, is the top tech line (TR16 R4,R5,A3,GR16 R4) generally more or less reliable than KWA?
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I was wondering more about experiences or problems people have had. Ive heard pretty good things. I just want to know from someone who does or has owned one. Thankyou
  6. I would GREATLY appreciate anyones input on this gun please.
  7. Which is more reliable overall? Which is a better "all purpose gun" STOCK? Any reoccurring problems? Pros and cons of each?
  8. So, has anybody had any experiences with the CA SA58? Any problems to report? How does it perform stock?
  9. I thought it was 6.05? I havent heard great things about the stock accuracy of them.
  10. Does anyone have any experience with the new walnut stock (not veteran) G&G M14?
  11. I was wondering what the best tightbore barrel would be and the the best hopup that will work in a KWA KM16
  12. sorry, that last post semed a little confusing. I meant if I got an SR-10 I could only use a 9.6v 1600 MaH nunchuck and I feel that I would need two. If I got the KM16 I could buy a much bigger 9.6v and save some money.
  13. The only battery I can go with is a 1600 MaH crane stock battery and I would rather not have to buy another one. The SR-10 isn't out of budget though
  14. I think I may just go with the KM16 and get 6.03 prommy.
  15. yeah my friend has a couple of TMs (ak beta, thompson) and the hop-up is amazing. Are stock TMs really skirmishable or will you be lacking?
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