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  1. PROBLEM SOLVED!!!! Here is a detailed description (to the best of my ability) of the solution in case anyone ends up having this problem. The problem is in the bolt! Everything else was in working order. The trigger mechanism was fine and when I finally ruled that out I went back to double check the bolt and this is what I found: The part of the bolt where the handle is which has a diagonal groove where the cocking piece slides back and forth had some wear. I looked closely and the cocking piece was getting stuck in a dent that was caused from wear. Heres a pic: SOLUTION: I disassembled the bolt. Then I sanded the piece down until it was no longer dented and sanded down the cocking piece some so that the impact wouldn't continue causing damage. I lubed it all up, reassembled the bolt and now it shoots like a brand new gun! Hopefully if anyone has this problem then can resolve the issue like I did. Just want to thank everyone for their input. I am so happy I got my gun working better than ever.
  2. No I haven't. I don't think the previous owner did too and after looking at countless videos the spring looks like its the original one. I still don't know where the problem lies, in the bolt or trigger. I've taken both part and put them back together and nothing.
  3. Here is a video I made of my problem:
  4. The knocker has no visible wear and when I pull the trigger this is exactly what happens: The trigger pushes forward allowing the trigger sear to drop. The knocker disengages from the sear thats holding it and slams forward and gets stuck there. The trigger sear stays down and I SUSPECT that it needs to somehow come back up so that the knocker engages it again so I can :censored2: it again. I'll try and post a video If what I am explaining doesn't make any sense. As far as the gun, I got it used and I disassembled the bolt and trigger assembly in search for an answer and nothing yet. I did readjust the trigger sensitivity to no avail. Thanks for the response, I'll try to get a video up soon. I have been researching the forums and find that this has been a somewhat common issue. It seems like a few people have fixed it but their explanation is really vague or has not worked for my particular case.
  5. Don't know if this shines a little more light on my problem but when the trigger is pulled I noticed that the valve knocker does't move so it wouldn't be hitting the mag.
  6. Los Angeles haha Reseda to be exact.
  7. Hey guys I have a problem with my G96 (which from my understanding has the same mechanism as a KJW/Tanaka m700). My bolt gets stuck after firing. I can no longer :censored2: the gun or remove the bolt. I look it apart and checked the bolt itself and everything seemed fine. I took apart the trigger assembly and that seemed ok. The cocking piece on the bolt gets stuck inside the bolt after I fire and needs to be pulled out manually in order for me to :censored2: or remove the bolt. I can, however, use the bolt properly when the safety is on. I can :censored2: it and move it back and forth but as soon as I take the safety off, one shot and it gets stuck. Maybe it has something to do with the safety and I'm almost certain the problem lies in the trigger assembly but after trying everything I can think of, and searching everywhere for answers, I don't know what else to try. Any insight, advise or suggestions are welcome. Thanks for any help!
  8. Hey guys, Im Luis and new to these forums. I'm not that new to airsoft but only got serious about it a few years ago. Glad I could find a community where I could talk airsoft. I Look forward to posting.
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