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  1. Does anyone know of a good (and if possible, cheap) Contour mount for FAST helmets?
  2. By 10mm, I meant the real round, not a BB, but I wanted a straight magazine to make my airsoft MP5 look the same as a 10mm MP5, not a 9mm (9mm is the standard curved magazine). Anyway, thanks for helping.
  3. So I'm looking for straight magazines for an MP5. I'm looking for them because I'd like the loadout to be realistic; the real guys use 10mm MP5s. Anyone have an idea how/where I can get some?
  4. Yeah, I was actually looking at those since I can't seem to get any info on a website that carries the real ones and takes USD.
  5. I'd really like a pair of Bolle X/T800 goggles, but they're apparently discontinued and the only place I've found some in stock took GBP. Anyone know where I can get an unused pair, otherwise I'll be forced to go with replicas .
  6. Unless someone else has anything negative to say about the Bates, I'm probably going with them.
  7. I'm deciding between two pairs of boots: http://www.amazon.com/Bates-Ultra-Lites-Ta...f=pd_sbs_shoe_8 http://www.amazon.com/Original-S-W-A-T-Met...f=pd_sbs_shoe_3 The Original SWAT aren't US made, and the Bates MAY be, but I'm not entirely sure. The Bates nylon is a higher denier. The Original SWAT is already 1000 denier, I don't personally believe that anything higher is necessary. The one thing I don't like on the Original SWAT is the air pocket in the heel; I've heard about those popping on other shoes. Which of the two boots would you suggest?
  8. You know, I'm not even sure why I asked this question now. I already knew that the SCAR-H fires 7.62 and the M16A1 fires 5.56. I guess I wasn't thinking and just basing it off of magazine shape.
  9. The title says it all: Are M16A1 magazines usable in a SCAR-H?
  10. I would think so. It fires pretty slowly right now.
  11. The muzzle velocity doesn't need to be increased. It's at around 400 FPS. I simply want a higher rate of fire. I'm surprised that nickel batteries are so much since that one you suggested is only 10$. I'll probably get a few.
  12. I don't really have a budget. I'll just get this stuff over the course of a few months if it's really expensive. For now I can use my P90 which already has a good enough ROF for me. I just want to be able to use my SCAR eventually as well . A lithium battery would fit much easier, correct? Aren't they smaller? This is of course requiring that I get the necessary upgrades to handle an lithium battery. Thanks. I'll look into a deans connector then.
  13. What advantages does a deans connector have?
  14. I've got a Dboys SCAR-L. It's stock internals give it a pretty slow rate of fire. I'm new to upgrading my guns, so I need some help. What can I do to give it a higher rate of fire? I believe it's a version 2 gearbox. I almost forgot to mention that the stock only fits an 8.4, 9.6 won't fit.
  15. I haven't worn it in the field yet. It's for an incomplete loadout, so I can't really answer your question properly. I put it on and wore it for probably 40 minutes when I got it to see if I found it to be uncomfortable or heavy after a bit, but I didn't really have an issue. Then again, I wasn't running around with it on.
  16. I have a Matrix MICH 2000 helmet. I bought it in person at Evike when I went to return an item. It's comfortable and feels relatively well-made. Pictures: The padding is quite thick and comfortable, but I'd like it to be just a bit thinner so it sits lower on your head
  17. I ended up returning the M79 to Evike and getting an MGL + a helmet. I'll still be getting an M79 at some point though. The only problem with the CAW one is the plastic barrel, I think I'll just get the King Arms version from Red Wolf or something.
  18. Thanks! Thanks for the heads up, I'll keep that in mind. Hopefully I won't need to do any modifications.
  19. Thanks for the replies. Can anyone send me a link to a lot of other parts that also contains that part?
  20. I'd say MAG. I've never had issues with them. I bought a set of 5 M4/M16 mid-caps for a modest price a while back. None have feeding issues.
  21. So today I decided to pick up my old Dboys M4A1. A few days ago, there were magazine locking issues, but I fixed that by moving a stray wire out of the way. I pulled the charging handle so I could access the hop-up. but the dust cover wouldn't open like it should. I opened the gun to find this: The plastic stick that would normally open the dust cover had snapped off. I suspect this is due to my cousin always picking up the gun and tearing at the charging handle. After putting the gun back together I wired it to a battery to make sure that nothing else was wrong. I pulled the trigger and the gun made a strange noise like something was in the way of the gears. As of now, I'm pretty sure a piece of the plastic stick found it's way into the gearbox. Does anyone know the name for this part?
  22. Yeah. Pretty understandable. You just don't wear anything that implies you're law enforcement in public. Basically common sense. I think I'll just avoid the patch just to be safe.
  23. So I've decided my second loadout will be an FBI one. I'm going with all OD besides guns, boots, and gloves. If I were to wear a patch that says FBI on the front and back of my vest, would that be illegal provided I only wear it in a skirmish? Here's an example:
  24. I'm pretty sure it's in "new" condition, it was just made badly with bad QC.
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