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  1. still have the sr-25? willing to sell without the peq box and scope don't need them. Also just throwing it out there any trades you might consider?
  2. As the title says im looking for WE-TECH M14 parts or a boneyard gun. Im specifically looking for the springs from the front end of the gun
  3. I have a kwa mp7 with six mags and a suppressor. Its rarely gets used pm for details if interested.
  4. still looking have had some offers. Sorry I didn't specify but the magpuls also need to be black
  5. Bump! Still looking for everything on the list.
  6. Looking for the following: Banshee tactical plate carrier in coyote or AOR1 KWA K120 mid caps SR-25 mid caps must be metal 5.56 and 7.62 magpuls magpul pistol grip (black) KWA Mark 1911 series mags NS2 Hop-up adjustment tool for KWA MP7 OFFER UP PLEASE, THANKS!!!!
  7. bump, checked different retailers for the hop up and there all out of Stock so if you have any information on where I can find one it would be appreciated thanks.
  8. No I wish it was though would be easier to find a replacement.
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