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  1. I have posted a similar question a while ago but I need some more answers. I have a riot shield that I can use at an arena but I have no side arm to use with it. I need something that is $100 MAX! I say max because I need to still pay for shipping depending on where I buy it. Does anybody have any good suggestions on what I should get? It can be semi auto or full auto which means it can be a pistol or smg. Thanks
  2. Hi I have a great evike riot shield but I have no weapon for it. I need something I can use with one hand and is not complete crap. My budget is maybe about $50 max. Before anybody says anything I know that anything under $50 is going to be bad but I need something that is okay for that price range. I have a few gas pistols I found and one is... not so great and almost a joke: HFC HG-107 Green Gas Pistol .25 Mini Airsoft Handgun (JOKE) KJW Mark-I High Power Airsoft Gas Pistol w/ Metal Hopup Also I was thinking about buying parts of a gun but I don't know if this is all I need or if I need more: Full Metal Complete Slide Assembly for WE-Tech F226 Airsoft GBB + Complete Frame Assembly w/ Magazine for WE-Tech F226 Airsoft GBB
  3. I know there are better things to spend money on but I want this for multiple reasons. One, I am support gunner and I think having a big outfit with a big gun would be very fun and make the enemy team scared. Second, I actually have very little padding and of course BB's sting like heck with thin padding. Third, I got some friends who like airsoft but are scared to just use a sweatshirt and jeans so I let them borrow pieces of my gear when we play. And finally, Me and a bunch of people got a nice forest area where we like to play our own games so we were thinking of doing some sort of juggernaut game such as this one and of course if you are going to be shot a lot you are going to need a lot of padding. Also thanks for the tips about what to buy.
  4. No not the super villain the military juggernaut suit. Any suggestions on a juggernaut suit?
  5. plan on making a juggernaut suit for the summer and I was wondering what kind of vest or rig I should get? I have a few ideas but I want to see what everybody else thinks. I will post the name if the items I found. I already got gloves and a mask but I am also wondering if there is any sort of helmet or mask that would be good for a juggernaut loadout? Hope to get some replies soon. My budget: $100 MAX Items: Matrix MOLLE S.D.E.U. High Speed Airsoft Tactical Vest Condor Modular Chest Panel MCR3 or Condor Gen.4 Tactical MOLLE OPS Chest Rig + Condor Hydro Harness Hydration Carrier Matrix S.D.E.U. Ultra Light Weight Airsoft Tactical Vest
  6. Also, I would be carrying a can of BB's and extra batteries for my drum mag but I have pockets for that.
  7. I just play in a normal forest arena and play with about 10 -20 people. And thanks for the help
  8. I have recently bought some airsoft equipment for the summer but I am not sure if I have the correct gear for woodland airsoft. I have a OD green uniform, a tactical belt with a pocket pistol holster, some heavy duty boots, thin crappy gloves, and a mask of course. What I am really wondering is if I should buy anymore equipment such as vests or knee and shoulder pads because I am a support gunner with a m249 light machine gun so I will be crouching and laying on my stomach a lot. So if anybody could tell me what else I would need that would be fantastic. Thanks!
  9. All I know is that the battery is a 9.6v with 1600Ah NiMH.
  10. I really want to upgrade maybe its fire rate just a little bit. And thanks for the help
  11. I own a A&K Full Metal M249 Para Trooper SAW Airsoft AEG w/ Electric Drum Mag and I haven't upgraded it at all. I was hoping somebody could help me out and help me out and tell me what to upgrade internally or externally on the gun that would be fantastic. Also, if you could maybe give a link of where to buy these upgrades that would be fantastic. I have used it in battles and it already shoots 400+ fps so I know that the springs either can stay there or be downgraded. Other than that I know nothing about upgrading a M249. Thank you and hope to get some great suggestions. (p.s. I would also like to maybe find something kind of unique/awesome to upgrade the external of the gun so if anybody has any suggestions on that too that would be great.)
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