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  1. Update: I tested the hopup unit via paper test. The paper blows off the unit but not up out of the magwel. I installed a hard bucking and it still has the problem. I know where my air leak is but how can I fix it. I have tried hard and soft buckings and have a spring on the unit to insure it is against the gearbox shell. I have also looked closely at the air nozzle and it is not Broken in anyway. Any ideas? I also made sure the bb's are the same and good brand. I use elite force .20 and .25 . I made sure I was using the .20 to chrono.
  2. Then why would the fields chrono say the same. Along with my friends xcore.
  3. It's not a madbull crono its a madbull spring that I use to have in the gun. I have tried a paintball chrono at my local field aswell as my personal FIDRAGON chrono. Same results with both
  4. I have an Echo 1 Platinum with all air compression parts upgraded to get 100% air seal. I have checked air compression 5+ times and it is perfect and yes I checked with the air nozzle all the way forward. Where could air be leaking that much to have as low as 350fps with .20 gram bb's. The fps is ranging between 378 and 354 to be exact. I have tried 2 different hopup units, buckings, and barrels. Same results. I have a spring on the hopup unit aswell. How can I test for air leaks in a hopup unit and what can I do to fix it if that's the problem. Everything in the gun sounds awesome it is just the fps. With a madbull m110 I had in a first I was getting like 300fps on .20. Any help would be great! My goal is 400fps on .20
  5. don't GET A METEL PISTON HEAD! Get a polycarbonate one. They are WAY more quiat and just as durable with great air seal if ported.
  6. First off I would add a new 6.01mm barrel and a SHS bucking. Second I would add a SHS 15 tooth piston, SHS Ported piston Head, and an SHS Airseal nozzle. If you are looking for an amazing motor get a Lonex A1. If you only want a few upgrades to get FPS up then get the following- : Guader m110 (or) SHS m120 : SHS 15 tooth piston (blue) :Lonex A1 Motor :Shim :correct AOE w/ rubber washer (you can get one at any hardware store) You need to make sure you have good compression in your whole gun aswell. -you can get most of this at airsoftatlanta-
  7. I got it working how it should, I had to sand the airnozzle down very slight and install a JG tappet Plate. Everything is working great now.
  8. I opened up the gun and the air compression was very bad at the air nozzle so I installed a new one I had and now it is very good. The compression in the gearbox is 100%. Still no hopup unit will feed bb's I have checked the hopup unit is against the gearbox correct and it is. I have trade different buckings hopup units and barrels with all poor feeding. The fps is still very low. I have no idea what to do now.
  9. I have tried every possible way of using barrels buckings and chambers. I'll check to see though. Thanks
  10. I have a vfc e-series that I have put a few upgrades in (ill list below). The problem is very low fps. I don't know what it could be because I have checked the compression in the gear box 3 times and it is almost perfect. I loose very little air with the air nozzle to. The main problem is with my feeding and hop up I guess. When I put a g&g gr-16 barrel, green bucking, and hopup unit the fps is about 320 with .25's. When I put the stock unit back in it drops to 240 w/ .25's. How can I fix the problem? UPGRADES: Lonex v2 tappet plate, Lonex A1 motor, madbull m110 spring, g&g poly piston & piston head
  11. I have a echo1 platinum (vfc e-series) and the tappet plate broke within the first 10 shots fired. I installed a JG tappet that I had laying around untill I got a new one. I got a lonex version 2 tappet plate. When I installed it the gun has a lot of feeding problems and only shoots if I push the bottom of the mag while firing. Could it be the tappet plate? If so should I just put the JG back in? I don't know what I should do.
  12. When I shoot my gun while holding the to receivers as tight as I can the gun shoots. even if I don't hold at all it fires. It is very hard to insert the rear pin and when it goes in the gun does not shoot. I don't know why that is because it shoots fin if the hold the gun as tight as I can. Thanks for any help.
  13. I put the front latch spring on right and always 2x check that before I put the lower back in the gun. the gun shoots good without a rear pin in. If I place the rear pin in then it makes a very loud whine or sqreaching sound. The rear pin is hard to put in and I have to tap it in with the back of the screw driver. I have also tried KWA & JG rear body pins. they don't fit at all.
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