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  1. Does anyone have a good way to remove spray paint from guns without damaging the original finish?
  2. So King Arms is a recommended brand?
  3. So you would recommend the JG S-System? If I end up just buying it is it a gun that will be internally sound for a while?
  4. Is an Ares m4 a good option?
  5. I noticed there is a lot of sellers on this website. Would it be worth looking into a used gun?
  6. Is there a battery that you could recommend for the s-system? Could I run a higher voltage battery?
  7. So a good point would maybe be 200?
  8. M4 just seems logical since its everywhere, but I do like the MAG-K. I would be willing to go up to 250-300, hoping to get a decent mask and the gun/battery/charger.
  9. Hey guys, I'm a new player and would like to get into airsofting. What would you guys consider a good amount to spend to start with? Keeping in mind that the sport may be disliked. Also what would be a good gun to start with?
  10. I see, I was looking on airsoft gi and there are gearbox parts that are specific to certain gun models. Does that mean if I were to upgrade I have to get ak specific parts?
  11. What'd you do for gearbox tuning?
  12. I see, for parts do they have to be AK specific?
  13. Any recommend parts/brands I should go for?
  14. I read reviews on it, it seems the internals arent all that great. Would it be smart to buy the gun and a couple upgrade parts or just over time upgrade them?
  15. Yeah, I like the idea of having options but everyone has an m4
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