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  1. Bought the well VSR10, will be replacing almost every part inside anyway with upgrades..
  2. If I look in the upgrading part, wich would be the best? Te well vsr10 or snowwolf m24?
  3. Think its better to get the Well VSR10 ? Its the TM clone
  4. Well its from this site I'll buy it, http://www.airsoft-freaks.com/Producten.html Well - Well L96A1 Sniper Rifle - Zwart (MB01) or the SnowWolf M24 + Scope en Bipod , so I don't know if its the new well L96 or the old one? Also its not an EXTREME upgrade.. max 500 fps also (rules in belgium)
  5. Rifle my friend ;) If you see it in that way, which of the two is best to start with (performing the upgrades later) as in, wich one is best in accuracy,performance,reliability etc from stock
  6. Hey guys, I recently decided to buy a sniper. Both of these weapons are in my price range, and are Legal in my country/game mode. I just don't know wich to pick, and I'd like to get you're guys opinions. WIch gun has the best performance (assuming both have same FPS and BB weight) (450 FPS out of box where I can buy em) Wich is the strongest/most solid , and accuracy wise. Also most reliable etc.. Please help me out, but tell me why I should pick which one please. SnowWolf M24 + Scope en Bipod Or Well L96A1 Sniper Rifle - Black (MB01) Thanks for you're time! =)
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