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  1. Hey guys! I'm looking for a new M4 to be used for all of my games. I currently play at a woodland site (350 fps Full auto, 425 semi only) and a CQB site (full auto, no minimum engagement, no bang rules. 350 fps), Currently I use a Combat Machine CM16 that Ive upgraded a ridiculous amount. The only thing left is the plastic upper and lower cause it fits the color scheme :P This gun shoots great with a nice trigger response and shooting at 40 rps on a big 11.1. While I enjoy how it shoots, It just seems tacky and incomplete. So Ive been looking at getting a WE katana and while I know people have had loads of issues with it I still like the idea of having the hot swap cylinders so I could choose to have a DMR ish gun for a woodland day. I have an Idea of what I need to do to it to get it to work as intended, But these issues have also put me off getting it as I don't want to spend a ridiculous amount on a gun that still might not work correctly. Any recommendations? Budget around $450 - 500 FPS - 350 although there is no issue with downgrading spring. Would prefer an M4 although anything that uses M4 mags will be considered Needs - Something sort of more realistic like working bolt catch. good quality externals
  2. Okay guys. just bought a whole new wiring harness (lonex) with trigger contacts. Re shimmed the gearbox and all is working well again! Its a bit whiny but I can live with that for a while! Cheers for all the suggestions and help. Was quite a mystery. I am however running it without a MOSFET at the moment as I don't want to waste money on ruining another.
  3. I was using ASG Ultimate Silver Plated wire... I adjusted the motor hight when shimming the bevel so it shouldn't have had to change once put together. I totally forgot this but when the wires melted there was no spring or anything in the gun. Just the gears which makes this even more odd seeing as I could get at least 2 spins by hand and the motor couldn't turn it.
  4. I Started with the bevel and pinion method yes, I do have another battery (8.4) which I will try. but at the moment im not sure what to do seeing as ive destroyed the wire again (not joking it has melted) should I just buy a new wiring harness with trigger set?
  5. Right so about a week ago I installed a new SHS high torque motor and an M120 spring into my G&G CM16 (Non BB) all was working well however the shimming was a bit off and it squeaked a bit so I decided to reshim.... I spent a good 2 hours sorting it out and making sure it wasn't too tight (Screwed the gearbox shut every time to check) I go to put the motor back in and shoot it.... works fine for a bit.... stops working, Now me being a huge moron I decide to keep pulling the trigger and still nothing So I remove the motor from the gun and leave it for like 20 minutes. I then go back and just plug the motor in (not inside the gearbox) and instantly the motor spins up without my pulling the trigger. And ive just blown my mosfet... great I then spend the next few hours creating a new wiring harness without a mosfet and just doing it the good ol' way. and yet again I put it back together pull the trigger once and BAM my entire wiring harness has just melted completely. What the actual F*** Now I don't see how it could be the shimming as it is not tight at all! I get around 2 spins when doing it by hand and there is even some slight side to side movement in the gears (not visible but I can tap the gears and they move) What do I do now? Im not sure I want to buy another mosfet as ill just blow it again. what should I check first? BTW im using a 7.4 Turnigy nanotech 2200mah 35-70C LIPO
  6. Well my old hop up rubber had a hole in it so I don't have it anymore. As for smaller bore bb's ive tried a few different ones and they are all the same. nothing shoots or at least reliably
  7. Hello! Im having an issue with my Combat Machine. a couple of months ago I installed a guarder clear hop up rubber and ever since then my gun has not been feeding. I installed a delayer chip thinking it was that but that hasn't helped at all. The gun will shoot a few rounds if I push the mag forward, shoot, then pull it back, shoot and repeat. The gun will not fire at all if I hold it upside down with the mag in. Im really confused please help.
  8. hello there, as the title says, I would like a list of parts or things I need to do to my G&G combat machine m4 to get it lipo ready. thanks alot
  9. ok so back in February I bought a G&G combat machine m4 from a friend, he had I chrono'd a month or so before and it was shooting around 315 - 320 fps with .20's. I was wondering what basic upgrades I could do to get it shooting around 350 or so. What I have done: Compression mods: Teflon tape cylinder head Stretched O ring Sanded Tappet plate ^^^^ what will this have done to my fps? 330? maybe? so what upgrades could I buy to put in? everything is stock except for the mods I have done
  10. So after taking my gun apart multiple times I have noticed that if I screw the pistol grip in so that it doesn't wobble in any way. then I cant remove or replace the body pins its like the pistol grip pulls the gearbox down so that it is not inline with the body pin holes. so my question is how can I fix this so that my pistol grip doesn't move but I can still take out the pins fairly easily? Thanks
  11. ok Sweet! where do I buy a set then?
  12. So I am looking at modifying my G&G Combat machine m4 and installing a R Hop. but I have a few questions 1) why is it better than Flat hop? 2) Can I just use a normal nub from the stock hop up? 3) Can I just use the stock green G&G bucking?
  13. I have kind of studied the pattern a little and it seems to always be shooting fine then after around 3 shots it will shoot 2 then skip a shot then shoot 2 then skip, just wondering if this adds any useful information
  14. I looked inside the hopup chamber and it does indeed have the little indent, so I was would it be safe to place something there and see if it solves this issue?
  15. Unfortunately I don't, I just tried the paper test over the hop up to see if the nozzle to bucking compression was and it didnt fly off, so does that mean sanding the tappet down wont help? I have inspected the hop up bucking and unit closely and cannot see any tears or breakages so I am stuck for ideas.
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