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  1. Nope not to late. Still saving up. I really like the fact that the A3 is blowback. I am definitely going to look into this one. Thanks!
  2. All right, thanks! What broke is the piece that holds the mag to the gun. They are built differently on the VN as opposed to the MK.43.
  3. Ah, kinda reminds me of my A&K M60VN. Had several parts crack on it. Does anyone here know how to fix broken pot metal? I assume it is not possible to weld it.
  4. Alright, I will go for the JG, thanks!
  5. Yeah, but aren't lipo-ready guns built to better standards than a regular gun? I know they aren't 11.1v ready but aren't they a tad better than normal?
  6. Yeah, I noticed the JG is "Lipo ready" and while I know that doesn't mean much as far as running an 11.1v, it does let me know it is built way better than normal. Thanks for your help! I will probably wind up going for the JG.
  7. Thanks for the response! That is probably what I will wind up going with.
  8. Just a good field gun in general. Something with decent reliability and FPS. I want it to feel realistic but if AGM's internals are that bad I will probably wind up going with the JG.
  9. I have a choice between these two M16s http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=30908 http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=28120 I have heard the JG has better internals but the AGM has a metal body, which I like, and I also feel that I could easily upgrade the AGM internals if they are really as mediocre as people say. Which one should I get?
  10. Yeah, but for some reason it didn't do this with the stock motor. Maybe I just didn't notice it with that motor. Also now that I reinstalled the stock motor (probably eventually going to go high torque like sniperx2s suggested), it isn't turning as fast as it did before I put the Guarder motor in. Could I have hooked it back up wrong or something?
  11. Yeah the motor gets really warm too. I don't know if that is a problem or just normal.
  12. Hey guys, I just installed a Guarder high speed motor in my CYMA AKS74U and sometimes it will fire a two round burst on semi-auto and will sometimes continue to fire on full auto for a few seconds after I let off the trigger. What is causing this? Should I put the stock motor back in?
  13. Hey guys, I am considering this gun: http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=27712 If I buy this rifle, I want to upgrade the spring to shoot field limit where I play (525fps with 100 foot minimum engagement). The thing is my friend bought another gun and wanted to upgrade the spring but the design of his rifle made it to where the gun couldn't hold the more powerful spring back. Will this rifle suffer from the same problem? Is this a good buy? If not, what would be a better buy? Thanks
  14. Thanks! I did do a google search but was not able to find this.
  15. Hey guys, I am upgrading the motor in one of my AKs, and when I took apart the mounting brackets and a spring and a washer fell out. I know where the spring goes, but where does the washer go? Does anyone have a motor replacement guide or video? I haven't been able to find any good ones when I googled it. Thanks
  16. Hey guys, can anyone walk me through the steps to change out the spring on the A&K M60VN, such as what needs to be disassembled before I can get the gearbox out and such? Any Youtube links would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks!
  17. Hey guys, where would you attach this to an M60 box mag? http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?manu...oducts_id=29567 Thanks
  18. Interesting, I thought about the possiblilty of there being multiple cylinders and the like in each barrel, but I could not think of a way that each piston could be cycled. Now it makes sense. Thanks!
  19. Hey guys, I am new to the forum and was watching some videos on Youtube the featured the M134 minigun by Echo1. My main question is, how does this gun's gearbox work? As it rotates, does a single gearbox cycle fast enough to keep up with the barrels, or does it do something I have know nothing about? Thanks
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