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    Too many. Reading, archery, pistol and rifle, animals, military history, horror movie trivia (and pointing out holes in plots), hunting, hiking, climbing (ice and rock), snowboarding, driving too fast on an oval dirt track in a half-stock, recovering from accidents acquired while driving too fast on an oval dirt track, hand-loading ammunition, HAM radio....

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    So far a JG M4 clone to be handed down as a "spare" or for one of my boys to use, a purchased G&P new style M4/CAR-15, waiting to arrive, 2 KWC Jericho "baby eagle" CO2 non-blowback pistols, leaper holsters, normal hunting gear with home made camo outer shells (I can make my stuff to blend better than commercial patterns, at less cost)...basically stock or semi-stock guns and home made or modified equipment for purpose-specific use.
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