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  1. if its coming into contact with plastic at all, you want silicone. if its metal on metal I use white lithium.
  2. yeah I have some doubt that we will be able to get much going activity wise but I do hope it will happen.
  3. Hey guys. who else is still around? I have this site as one of my homepages when I open chrome so I get to see our forum rot daily lol What are you doing in airsoft lately? I haven't played in a few years now but the last thing I did was fix my g36 only for the selector switch to fall off as soon as I test fired it. Not to mention my trigger not returning in semi. 😕 get any new equipment this year? how'd you like it? Just wanted to get a thread going to liven the place up a bit. 🙂
  4. its pretty much completely dead. it goes offline for months at a time at what seems like random. idk if theres someone paying for it to stay online or what but after the first time it went down for like 3 months there were only a few people who straggled in by what I can only assume to be a search for an airsoft forum.
  5. not a bad idea to buy a bunch of the small stick sized ones. they only hold 1200mah so thats about 1200 shots unless you're pulling a heavy spring. not a lot but the nice thing is you can charge a dead one and run a full one while you wait for the other to charge. They fit it so many different guns as well that its great for cross compatibility. I own 4 of them in total. I have 2 for each AEG. Not super familiar with what brands are better but I do know that about 90% of them are rebranded junky ones from the same 1-2 manufacturer(s). Never heard anyone say they're full of nitroglycerin. lol If hes used to a 9.6v or 8.4v, the 7.4v lipos will give a ROF somewhere between. they're higher amp though so they will have a faster trigger response than the 9.6v even.
  6. No doubt then your original cylinder is probably ported to only have enough air for that short barrel. you want a cylinder with no port for sure and almost 100% sure you want a bore up cylinder. That means you need a bore up cylinder head and piston head too btw. I'm fairly sure that they do. you might want to look for ICS brand parts. their stock and aftermarket parts aren't bad at all and sure to fit into their own model. https://www.evike.com/products/26060/ https://www.evike.com/products/26053/ https://www.evike.com/products/28027/
  7. how long was the original inner barrel length? it could be that there isn't enough air in the cylinder to get the BB all the way out the barrel under pressure. what happens is, the BB gets like 3/4 of the way down the barrel but runs out of air pushing it forward. it starts to create a vacuum behind it because theres no air in the gap behind the BB that keeps expanding as the BB makes out that last 1/4 section. Its like the same idea as dipping a straw in a drink and holding your finger on the end of the straw to trap the liquid from falling out as you raise the straw from the glass. The solution is to put the old barrel back in or get a bore-up/unported cylinder. its also possible that you messed up the install and you have an air leak.
  8. So your paper method just means you have an air leak. first I would check the air nozzle for movement. when you cycle the gun, look into the hop up chamber. the nozzle should poke forward to seal against the hop up packing.
  9. https://www.evike.com/products/53955/ is there something better in the same price range? last time I was scoping this it was going for like $150 just on sale for several months. wouldn't doubt it will go on sale again.
  10. I have this page on my chrome homepages so it would open every time I opened chrome! its been gone for what felt like a few months! what happened?
  11. can't tell you what brand it is with these picks alone. I suggest you take a look at the motor. some companies will label their stock motors with their own brand name. Do you just need the brand for resale? are you keeping it?
  12. got a package from clandestine today. from them I ordered the SHS Aluminum O-ring G36 Nozzle and the SHS V3 Spring set(ARL spring was supposed to be in there). I got the nozzle and it fits great but the spring set didn't come. instead there was some other part that I don't really recognize.
  13. I guess when I said shut down I meant stopping other manufacturers from selling in the US? Does anyone besides Umarex/G&G still sell/make an MP5? I know CYMA used to and I had a few from Echo1(JG?) about 8ish years ago.
  14. Well I can't think of anything bad from Umarex other than the pricing on their replicas(I don't want to pay 300 for an MP5 lol). But thats to be expected with licenced products. the thing I hate about this the most is that they're going to shut down anyone else making a glock style replica. I know they aren't all good but I like having choices.
  15. correct me if I'm wrong but couldn't he put in a stronger spring and short stroked piston?
  16. I'm really hoping the o ring nozzle is just slightly tighter. If I put the stock nozzle on the stock tube it sticks to it just enough not to fall off while holding the cylinder upside down. If I put the stock nozzle on the new tube it falls right off when I hold it upside down.
  17. Who do you think will be the manufacturer? hoping they choose more than one. I loved my KJ Works G23. Most of all I hope they're not junk and that the price doesn't go up too much. Usually when this happens all the other companies get cease and desisted or sued into the ground. What do you guys think of this whole thing?
  18. Roger that. The stock nozzle is tighter to the stock cylinder than to the new cylinder. Just like you described actually. Since the new cylinder head tube is slightly more narrow I think the o ring nozzle will be warranted.
  19. aiight. I bought that SHS nozzle, an SHS v3 gearbox spring set, SHS high torque motor and Gaurder 110 spring. hopefully everything will be here by next Friday. :)
  20. Yeah that makes sense about the cyl head tube and nozzle length. youd never get a good seal if the nozzle didnt reach the hop up. The stock nozzle does not have an o ring and is made of plastic. Should I look for an aluminum one with an o ring? The forehead thing on the cyl head theyre talking about fits a certain way into the gearbox shell. The one piece cylinder and head already arrived and it fits great. I was just worried that I wouldn't get any air into the cylinder without a port. Also the stock spring guide is metal. Looks like brass or something. Its a dull golden color. Idk how much motors typically cost. Im not saying I cant afford to buy one but I don't want to spend unnecessarily. Mind recommending 2 or 3 price points?
  21. my bad. I just thought the one piece cylinder and head would be better because that's one less air seal to deal with. Also the bad reviews were morons buying a version 3 part for a version 2 gearbox lol. I saw that and decided they weren't to be taken seriously. I still have the stock AR latch. just the spring is missing so thats only a buck. going to order the rest of the items you recommended though.
  22. And what of the unported cylinder? will that matter much? Would an M120 push me past 400 FPS?
  23. Theres a lot to explain because there are so many options these days. depending on the model and type of replica you want some brands might be better than others. What exactly are you looking for? Come up with a list of qualities or expectations and that will help you narrow it down to a specific make and model. example: -m4 -rails -electric -full metal body etc. etc. etc.
  24. I ended up ordering a one piece cylinder/cylinder head. I just figured there'd be no room for compression loss between the cylinder and cylinder head if they're all one piece. Cylinder: http://www.evike.com/products/51728/ I lost my anti-reversal latch spring so I was looking at what else I could buy to make the shipping cost on a 1 dollar item worth the money without going crazy lol. I'll probably order a new spring. Could an M110 get me to 375-400 FPS with .2s? I wanna run as heavy a round for outdoor as I can to get better range and consistency. I'm also considering just getting a couple 7.4v batteries so I don't have to worry too much about full auto wrecking my gun with the 11.1v. I'd probably still use the 11.1v for semi-only fields and games.
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