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  1. I like CO2, so I made a thread trying to find some new stuff. I understand that posting to the internet opens me up for all kinds of crap but this is seriously just immature.
  2. Since posting this, I've gotten a KJW KC-02 as well as an ASG CZ P-09. Both of which are much better performing than any other gun I've ever had my hands on. I'm not sure what CO2 guns you're talking about, but it sounds to me like you have no idea what you're talking about.
  3. Howdy, I've been in search of Co2 airsoft guns to add to my armory for a while but I can't find very many. I would appreciate people posting about Co2 Blowback guns that they have good experience with. Thanks guys!
  4. I had the same general idea but heres what I visualized doors and window=aluminum sheets and tubes, and plexi glass for strength turret=I was going to get an m4 carry handle, drill some holes in the top of it, and build some sort of swivel mount that the handles just bolt right onto cab=same as the doors just aluminum sheets
  5. Just got an amazing idea, for the turret we could attach the gun by the rail Still don't now how I plan on doing that so any and all help is appreciated
  6. we could make the chest rigs detachable so we can use them in combat to, and yes it took me that long to figure that out
  7. good idea I was also thinking about taking out the passenger seat or at least making it easily detachable to cut down on weight since my team consists of only me and 1 other person
  8. k but we would still have to find a place to stash more mags and thats another problem we have to find a way to keep everything we do to the gokart under its weight limit
  9. well if I use a box mag the gunner would have to wind it constantly
  10. well it's just to keep the enemy at bay while my team makes a hasty escapeso it doesn't need to bee accurate and if one runs out we can just reload it. that reminds me I didn't think of a way to reload the guns, so if anybody has any ideas as to how we could reload them that would be appreciated
  11. k so my team and I watch that show arrow a little to much and I'm an archer so we wanted to find a way to make arrows that wouldn't hurt any worse than an airsoft bb any ideas
  12. that's what we were going to do but originally we were going to put a saw on as the turret but instead we decided to use two m4's so it would be more ambidextrous
  13. I'm looking to build something that would hold the gun securely so it won't fall off as I'm driving and I want to rig one on each sideso the driver and passenger don't have to carry there gun in the cab with them
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