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  1. why? I have all of the upgrade parts and it would make an amazing base. I am not getting it for its performance because I already know what I am going to put in it.
  2. one question. will an action army vsr10 zero trigger (built the same as laylax) fit in an ms700?
  3. there are some marks on the bottom but it must be the spring because it doesn't make the noise when it is cocked and I move the cylinder.
  4. I have two JG bar 10 guns and both work good my first one, I have had for about a year now and has lots of upgrades and mods. including a laylax Teflon cylinder and an action army zero trigger. my second one is stock with a Teflon tape mod and laylax cylinder head. when I :censored2: my stock gun it is fairly smooth and quiet but when I :censored2: my upgraded one it makes a kinda screeching noise and is loud. does anyone know how to fix this or at least reduce the noise? I think it might be the m170 spring making it loud.
  5. I have a pair of laylax barrel spacers but my gun, even with them wedged tightly has some play in it. I know I could make my own spacer that fills up more of the barrel but I do not know what to use. please help!
  6. well my hopup was a nub that sits between it and the nub on the bucking and I start to over hop with the lever about half way back. I would say you need more between the arm and bb.
  7. Hahahahahahah, put an m170 spring in, shoot it a few time, learn what ghost firing is, then think about this question. Get an action army zero trigger, way better for your gun, stronger, and less expensive then a laylax one. only downside is that you don't get the laylax brand with it but since you are asking this, I don't think you care about that.
  8. Yeah do what he said. my bar ten sling mount hole stripped out so I grabbed a rail off of my m16 and some screws, drilled another hole and now I use it and it works perfectly with no wobble, looks good, and can be used for more thn just a bipod
  9. OK so the OG hop up arm is not bad at all and there is no reason to replace it. if it was me, I would just put the original one back in and be done with it. the other parts have nothing to do with the hop of the bb.
  10. Would I need to glue that to the cylinder head? if so what would be a good adhesive?
  11. That's just rubber with an adhesive on it right? because I can get rubber cut like that at my local hardware store but what would be a good adhesive? and am I even right about that?
  12. I was going to buy http://www.airsoftglobal.com/shop/index.ph...roducts_id=1538 but I feel that $15 plus shipping is way too expensive for something like this. I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to make a damper so I don't have to waist the time or money buying one
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