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  1. I live in montgomery city and am looking to get into airsoft this spring.Ive never played before but have paintball exp and it just sounds like fun to me.I will travel some but nothing over an hour away and prefer it closer than that.Im 32 yrs old so I don't want to play with a bunch of kids lol.I don't mind a 16 and up group if there are some other adults I just don't want to be the only adult on the field.I currently only have a CYMA 028a ak47 and a hk usp c02 as secondary so I cannot do US military milsim unless you need terroist sims lol.I will be getting a SCAR or m4a1 Or some other us military style aeg before spring probably.email me at johnman2880 at <PLEASE DO NOT POST YAHOO ACCOUNTS IN YOUR MESSAGES> if interested
  2. wish I didnt live so far away (montgomery city) or id help ya out as im looking for a place to airsoft as im new to this sport.I think your roughly 3 and a half hours away though :(
  3. I bought a H&K usp co2 a couple weeks ago from wally world and couldn't be happier with the power and accuracy.It shoots hard and at 25 feet I can plug a 1" group without a bench and in the weather.As for how loud compared to others I cannot say Ive only had a couple airsoft pistols but this 1 is by far the best I've owned (and I've shot some friends higher priced ones) so for the 40 dollar price tag I personally think you cant beat it.only drawbacks are the 16 round capacity mag and no hop up system to adjust. but if your pulling your pistol you should only need a double tap at that range.no need to spend a fortune on something your going to use 10% of the time IMO.Save the cash and put it into your aeg :)
  4. thanks! yeah those are the types of tweaks I will perform.I was planning on using the gun for a bit before modifying to see how well it performs and to see how well it performs after each upgrade.
  5. Ive been reading the guides and learned quite a bit about these weapon systems.I can field strip almost any real firearm before you can blink and my knowledge of firearms is quite extensive.I could strip there aegs with no problem and do anyone of these mods Im just wondering what is possible with my particular platform and if its worth doing any of these mods? I don't want to put hundreds of dollars into this weapon because I could buy 1 already built up and modified for that price.Im looking to put around 100 dollars into this weapon and wondered what would be the best bang for my buck in upgrades? I am already investing in a good battery and charger as I will use it in future airsoft purchases so I don't mind spending money on that.also where is a good trusted site you guys use to order your parts from?
  6. So I will be getting my cyma 028a ak47 friday and Ive been reading on mods for airsoft aegs and wondered what should I do out of the box for this rifle? I already plan on a better battery and charger Im wondering does it have a plastic cylinder head and need a metal one? gear box upgrades? hop up nub upgrades? Im looking for accuracy and longer range.I already read the thread on changing the AOE and plan on doing that mod to save myself some hassle in the future.any advice will be great :)
  7. I meant the gun to run hot.lol not the battery.same as my ar-15 I have a trigger job and many other speed upgrades thats what "hot" in weaponary terms means.
  8. thanks alot! Im looking for a good charger like that as im going to be needing to charge r/c car batteries as well.Im new to airsoft batteries and how to make them run "hot" and max their potential but im taking it a step at a time.I want to get to know the internals and operating systems of these weapons then progress but I figure having a good battery and charger are the best place to start.it comes with a 8.4 volt but im unsure if its nimh or nicd.but I know the charger is garbage and I know either nicd or nimh 1 has a "memory" in it and will mess up using a wall charger where it will not be 100% I havnt sen the lipos yet so im going to research those.thanks for the help guys I cant wait til my ak gets here!
  9. Ok so im new here and thanks for having me.Im new to airsoft and just bought my first REAL airsoft gun.Its a CYMA CM028A and from what Ive read its not the best but by far not a bad beginner gun.I had a mp5 style crosman from wally world I got my son but he fried the battery.So Ive been reading up some and everyone says I need a better battery and charger so Im looking for the best battery to get that fits my rifle and a good charger.Im not rich so Im looking for a cheap place that has decent prices (as I put most my money in my real firearms lol) but Im wanting to get into airsoft and want to have a few extra mags and good batterys so I can war this spring.so what type of battery do I need?volts? amps? Im totally a Newbie to battery lingo so I need to learn everything basically.thanks for letting me in your forum :)
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