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  1. Yeah my father had to deal with that when he first got in back in the day. I got the "pleasure" of using the laser tag system once and couldn't stand it. Recently we've used simunition in an exercise and a guy took a round to the face and broke his jaw. Since then the BC said airsoft is authorized but only 30 round mid cap mags can be used. No we aren't looking at the 'Stans at all actually. I haven't gotten confirmation on whether or not it's true, but my squad leader heard something about either Kuwait, Jordan, or Syria. That's the story so far but no one will confirm or deny it. Thanks though, it's going to be my first deployment but if we go to Kuwait it may not be too bad because that's where my father is now. Oh and I know about the goats stuff. I hear stories of that all the time but it's usually the locals giving it to them. That or donkeys
  2. Thanks, I only want straight tan/dark Earth color due to the fact I am military and that is what we are using for training since we are getting ready to deploy in October. I don't need to paint my helmet or mask mainly for the fact I don't wear a mask and we are required to have multicam helmet covers on our ACHs when we wear them for training. Personally I don't care about the specifics of the gearbox or interiors of the gun, I just don't want to use the crap guns they are issuing us to use for training. Thanks though for the advice, I'll take it into consideration if I ever actually make airsoft a hobby.
  3. Thanks, that's almost perfect. I think I can definitely use and anything else I need I can get later. When I looked on GI all I could find was the black version of that weapon. Now I can have my kit complete.
  4. I am currently looking for a rifle to replace my sniper and I want to go down to a more up front person. I am looking at M4s and other models like them. But so far after looking around on different sites and stores here and I can't find the specifications I am looking for or as close to as I can get. This is what I am looking for: -FULL METAL M4 (inside and out) -RIS Rail system with single (connected/long) rail along the top -Crane stock (to fit nunchuck battery) -Carbine length (real length of an M4 so not a CQW) -Tan/Desert Color or paint job (full body, not just upper or lower receiver) (same or very close coloration on rails and receiver) -Blowback (pneumatic or gas, pneumatic preferred) -FPS above 350 -Able to use Magpul magazines I am not worried about accessories included with guns. So if it's just the gun alone, then that's fine. If someone could help me find a gun that fits the specifications above that would be great. Pricing is not an issue for me since I have money saved up for buying all this. So I don't care if it were to cost $800 or something. Just post the link for the reply. Thanks.
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