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  1. I know, I'm sorry. I posted this before I read that other thing you wrote. I'm not trying to increase my post count, its just that there aren't a lot of airsofters in NY, so its fun being able to talk about airsoft without being looked at like I'm weird.
  2. Well, if you want to, go right ahead. Thanks for the help.
  3. Yeah, I know its probably not possible. Just a whimsical thought.
  4. A lot of you probably think I just got a laser gun for my 11th birthday. Wrong, it was for my 23rd birthday! Anyway, I'm bringing this topic up because my friend just got back from an all day laser tag event. A few things he mentioned were 30rd magazines, reloading by dumping a mag, putting one in, and then pulling back a charging handle, as well as coordinated team play. In addition, he could accurately shoot somebody from 300 ft away, provided it was in the head or torso. Now, my first reaction was that it was extremely cool. It would be like airsoft, but way more realistic. (Less bullet drop, more accurate guns, NO NEED FOR GOGGLES). I for one would love to play this kind of laser tag in a big open airsoft field. I'm just imagining all the possibilities. I mean, it could be everything airsoft was meant to be and more. Imagine if they just dropped the laser gun internals into an M4 outer body. Boom, you got something that can be calibrated for a variety of games with a computer, is easy to maintain, and still keeps the realism we all love, if not adds to it. Anyway, here's the place's website http://www.countryfairpark.com/lasertag.php. It seems kind of cheesy, but just looking at the pictures, I can see potential for something that is much easier to get into than airsoft. I know I'm probably gonna get shot down about this, but its just one of those dreams I've always had. Its laser tag outdoors!
  5. What I don't like is a player yelling at me from 100ft away that his tennis ball or nerf rpg "exploded" behind me. I want something very similar to a tornado grenade, but cheap enough that I could buy a few of them instead of an aeg.
  6. I'd buy a full auto or semi auto shotgun even if it wasn't multi-shot.
  7. Sorry, I'm new to the forum. I'll try to change it.
  8. I think I'm gonna cry. Anyway, I was saying that on an airsoft gun with no recoil, I think that some $30 sight would be almost as good as a $100 sight. More expensive sights are expensive because they hold a zero longer, won't scratch, and have a slightly better sight picture. I own an $80 replica Eotech, two $70 replica Aimpoints, as well as a few others. I've also used a real ACOG and Aimpoint in a game. I would like to think that these perform better than my $45 Black Ops sight from evike, but they simply offer almost no advantage. If anything, I prefer the larger field of view as well as piece of mind at not having spent $100 that I can enjoy from my cheap sight.
  9. :'( I'm just kidding, thanks for the input. In the future, when I do sell them, I will definitely post lots of pictures as well as a video or two to show that everything works.
  10. I acknowledge that fps definitely is not the factor to be most concerned about. However, I still feel that very few people are accepting the fact that a bb getting to a target faster, even by a fraction of a second, is a reasonable advantage. All I'm trying to say is that having a high fps isn't totally meaningless. I'm not saying that it will make the gun more accurate, or have a lot more range. I am mainly saying that a higher fps is beneficial because it gets the bullet there quicker, thus giving the target less time to get away.
  11. Personally, the next gun I want to see is an MTAR-21. I also wouldn't mind a few other full sized TAR-21's.
  12. Whenever I play airsoft, it lacks one thing; explosions. I love explosions, almost as much as I love the look of an M4 loaded with accessories. Sadly, airsoft is largely lacking explosives. There are foam rockets, dummy grenades, and sound grenades. All these work on some radius system, which I'd rather do away with. I'd rather play where I'm dead if I feel a little sting. Of course, there are also grenade launchers and tornado grenades. Grenade launchers are essentially giant shotguns, and are somewhat effective at being shotguns. Sadly, I want to make a boom boom inside a bunker like they do in the movies. Tornado grenades, in my opinion, are fantastic. The have a pin you pull, you toss it, it has a fuse, and then it explodes. Exactly what I want, except for the $100 pricetag. On top of that, because of the pricetag, you have to go pick up the pieces after each game, which is not fun. I want something simple that is cheap, easy to use, and realistic. For example, when I play backyard battles, I will often take an easter egg, fill it up halfway with bbs, and then toss it. Go try it, it actually makes a decent sized explosion. This is exactly what I want; something that is no big deal if you lose it and is an impact explosive. Perhaps an airsoft engineer will come up with some design that, say, has a CO2 canister in it, and upon impact, the canister is punctured. The "easter egg" fills up with the CO2 and after a second or so, it explodes, propelling bbs all over the place. Now, I'm not saying I came up with a way to do it, but if somebody came up with an affordable impact or fuse grenade that made a blast zone of around ten feet, I would definitely buy it.
  13. I have a JG P90, and I love it. I've done upgrades to it for ROF, range, accuracy, as well as longevity. Still, it does not sound as smooth as I want it too. I want it to make a nice popping sound, or at least reduce the motor and gear sound. Now, there are a few things I've tried. First, I shimmed and greased it. Surprisingly, it worked very well. It was noticeably quieter, and gear noise was almost non-existent. After adjusting motor height and and the shimming a little bit more, I still wasn't satisfied. I'm wondering if there is any way to just make the gun sound better. I'm considering a silent piston head, or maybe a thick sorbo pad. I know that the piston head isn't actually silent, but I think it might make a better sound. I've also seen other people put dynamat, or some other foam, inside their p90 to create a sound barrier. I feel this is my only option, despite the fact that it would probably add around a pound of weight. If you guys know any other ways or have any advice, please share it with me.
  14. I think that even a fraction of a second, or just a little more pain, or even 5 more feet of range will make a sizeable difference. First of all, you have to realize that adding fps adds all those things to your gun. Secondly, I feel that even small percentages like .14 seconds shorter time to 100ft will make a huge difference in the long run, just as having 3 extra bullets per second will, if not more. Also, I would rather have a gun shooting 400 fps with only 70 ft of effective range than a 300 fps gun with 100 ft of effective range. The main reason is that I don't consider it effective range if the person can just zig zag and make it impossible to hit them. In addition, I never said that I would rather use .2g bbs than a heavier one for the fps increase. I use .28g bbs most of the time, heavier if its windy. I understand inertia and all that. I just think that people are so used to putting down fps because of all the hate its gotten from veteran players, just like how one day we all love Megan Fox and the next day we hate her.
  15. I recognize what you said, and its all true. On the other hand, I still think that getting the bb to where you want it to go in a short amount of time is almost as important as accuracy. Doesn't it make sense that a gun shooting 400fps, as opposed to 330fps, will kill a lot more people that are moving, dodging, and going in and out of cover. I'm sure you can think of a time when a person just got to cover before they were hit. Sorry if I sound argumentative, I don't mean it.
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