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  1. I am looking into getting a GBBR and from what I have seen so far, the LM4 is the best choice for me but I wanted to get some more information. I don't really want to upgrade out of the box and KWA is obviously a good choice for that but I have seen a lot of mixed reviews about the reliability of the LM4 and want to know if anybody has had any problems out of the box or over a period of time (besides leaky mags). What are your experiences with the LM4? Are there any upgrades I should do right away? Also, does it actually perform better in the cold than most other GBBRs? Thanks.
  2. Did you hear about the paper that published a map of gun owners of two NY counties back in January? "Since the map was published, several residents listed on the map have had their guns stolen by criminals, something that gun owners predicted would happen." Not exactly relevant but gun related. Anyways I am pro gun, mainly because while I have always admired firearms, I have also been open minded to regulations and/or anti gun arguments. I think everyone can agree background checks %100 of the time is reasonable and is highley likely to keep at least some firearms out of the wrong hands. Other than that every argument against guns is very poorly based and almost never has actual FACTS to support it. However, there are plenty of ways to support pro gun arguments (I will not bore you with examples as most of them have been posted repeatedly). I stopped reading this thread after about midway page 3 because it was just pointless bickering and repetition of the same things and this post is no different. My point is lets either find a new angle to look at this or some new things to discuss or just stop posting on this thread. Sorry for jumping around topics a bit.
  3. It is true, anybody can cheat with pretty much any gun. Polarstars should not be banned, but I do think mandatory tournament locks should be enforced if you have multiple P* users at your field. Also, if you suspect a P* user is cheating, report them to the field staff for on the spot chronoing. I have a P* myself and I only know of 2 other people at my field that owns one, I had a tournament lock from the beginning as to deter anybody from accusing me of cheating.
  4. Thanks to everyone for their help! I decided I am going to get a firebase reg and two aluminum 3000 PSI ninja tanks (62 CI), as well as a backpack to carry them. Also, I am going to just build my own P*, from my experience in airsoft I think it is always more satisfying to have a gun that you hand picked parts for and built yourself (even if its only external parts) and it will be better quality. After more research on the PR-15s, I decided I would have changed out the hopup, bucking, inner, and most likely outer barrel, so I may as well build my own.
  5. So, while obviously, there is no best when airsoft is involved but for lack of a better term, what is the best HPA setup? By this I mean what 3000 PSI tank will get the most shots per fill? (Local fill stations don't fill higher) Is it all about CI? What is the best tank material? Price/weight are not a problem as long as it isn't ridiculously heavy. Essentially, I want to know the most efficient methods and load-out in order to support an HPA rig effectively. Here is the question many don't answer: Do you have the specifics on your equipment that you can share (I.e. part numbers and places to buy)? I would love to see a sticky with a compilation of best HPA load outs. Because telling me I need to do it is not enough, if I am not in the know of what I need to do it with.
  6. I know a couple firefighters and I think I might call in a few favors and fill up there. It probably won't cost a thing and they might fill to 4500 psi so if you know any firefighters I suggest you do the same.
  7. As recommended by Nova, I found 2 dive shops within 20-30 minutes and plan on calling them tomorrow in regards to filling the tanks. I normally play on Fridays at Buffalo Battleground (Formerly Paintball of Tonawanda, a strange name considering airsoft was just as popular there) located at 99 Wales ave, Tonawanda. I plan on asking if they fill tanks there next friday. While that is my normal spot, I also attend the War Zone on occasion. If none of those places fill tanks, I will do a little more research, and if that is to no avail, then I will most likely settle for a GBBR. P.S. I probably won't be purchasing my P* until about mid October so I can save up and get it after my B-Day (given I find a fill station), I just figured better to be prepared now just in case. EDIT: Here is the website for one place that DOES fill HPA/Paintball tanks ( http://dipndive.com/ ) but it costs $7 flat and they can only fill to 3000 psi so if you get a 4500 psi tank, you wont be able to fully fill it. Here is the website for a place whom does fill tanks but I believe the same goes for 3000 psi, also, I saw a review that said one of the employees blew a seal on a guys tank while filling and then they blamed him for having a defected tank and charged him for repairs to the tank the took about a month. Based on this and other poor reviews I may just get a few 3000 psi tanks instead of a 4500 and a smaller backup and get them filled at dipndive. http://www.ddwny.com/
  8. I have decided to get a P* and this is not a thread on why or why not to get one, I have already decided and just have some questions. First off, I was looking at the PR-15 tactical carbine on the P* website, and it said that the FCU was powered by a 7.4 lipo. Although, on other threads and reviews I have seen people say you can use 9v batteries or regular 9.6v airsoft batteries. So, is this only on the old versions? Do you need a lipo to power the FCU? Secondly, does the HPA rig you get matter? For example, are certain rigs better than others? If so, which do you think is best (money is no issue)? Lastly, how can I find my local fill station? Thank you in advance.
  9. Exactly, it's not the upper class in general, as some people have common sense, it is just that they were raised with being able to have whatever they want, whenever they want. As a result, they have no appreciation for money or items. In this case, it's a mixture of zero common sense, no appreciation for how lucky they are, and just an arrogance that will get them nothing but problems in life. I may be young, but I am mature enough to realize that being nice and respectful to people will get you a lot further in life than being hostile or arrogant all the time. With that said, if I saw these kids on the street, I would beat the s**t out of them until that arrogance fell out of their a**.
  10. Sorry, didn't mean to seem a bit aggressive but these kids just piss me off! Not only their lack of safety but their attitudes as well. I also agree with what someone else said about commenting on YouTube being a lost cause... I think if you have a YouTube account reporting and disliking it are the best we can do. They also clearly have rich a** parents because of all their quite expensive gun "reviews", they don't respect these weapons in a safety or economical manner. I am sure that they have ruined at LEAST half of these guns without any second thought. It sucks that by linking them here I am giving them more views but I don't think it really matters at this point because they are quite well known.
  11. I don't think minors should be baned from airsoft but perhaps I am biased because I started when I was 10 and am currently 16 but, I am respectful and NEVER perform any unsafe actions because in my eyes, unless I am mid skirm, an airsoft gun is a real steel firearm.. Also, while in the beginning, I could have been safer and more responsible with my weapons, I ALWAYS wore eye protection and would not fire if anyone around me had eye protection. I was not as safety conscious as I am now, but I had common sense. In addition to that, there are younger players at my local fields (mostly CQB) and I always practice and preach airsoft safety as well as correct any unsafe behavior. It is vital that everyone do the same so that eventually, these types of airsofters will be weeded out. While there are unsafe players such as these, I personally know quite a few safe airsofters under 18; the youngest one is 9 YEARS OLD and I do take feel a bit responsible for his behavior because he does not know better and I do so it is my duty to impart wisdom and it has payed off. So, my point is, while banning minors from airsoft would solve these problems, it would be unfair to the minors who are or have the potential (with the proper guidance) to be safe and still have fun because those are the two golden rules of airsoft. I am hoping that because I speak respectfully and rationally, my age will make no difference to you but if it helps here are my weapons so you know I take pride in having quality weapons (which I purchase with my own money). (CQB) VFC E-Series Dagger M4 KWA KRISS Vector KJW M1911 Hi-Capa KWA M93R (Field) G&G GR4 G26 with PDI 6.03 Tightbore barrel, Madbull mock suppressor KWA M1911 MK II
  12. I saw this video as well, their level of stupidity reaches a whole new level. Their fun goes from potentially unsafe conditions where at the absolute worst someone can lose an eye (which is still horrible) to somebody possibly being stabbed, losing a limb or even be killed.
  13. Now, I say "ban" but I mean more like regulations for color like the UK (I live in US btw) and other things to make airsoft less realistic in the name of safety. Anyway, this is what the general public sees when they think airsoft and it is horrifying. And when I see things like this it makes me want to puke, these kids are just encouraging poor airsoft safety, just for fun. They ruin weapons and are teaching kids that this type of behavior with airsoft or any type of weapon is okay. I realize by linking this video they are getting more views but, I feel the people on here have more than enough common sense to agree and try to stop them. I mean, it's a free country but if their irresponsible actions cause government actions that would impede on MY enjoyment of airsoft, then we have a problem. So, I am reaching out to you fellow airsofters to dislike and discourage this behavior in the comments of these videos, while this may seem a bit -ish, I feel it is warranted. Just watch this or virtually any other one of their videos and you will understand.
  14. Thanks to everyone for replying! I was leaning towards the LM4 from the beginning, and now, the decision is final. I was also wondering about external upgrades and even though that is a different section, I don't feel the need to start a new thread. So these are the upgrades I am going to get and was wondering if they were LM4 compatible. - Madbull Noveske 7.25" RIS for M4 / M16 ~ $100 - MagPul PTS Ergo F93 Pro Stock for M4 / M16 GBB ( Black ) ~ $150 - Madbull Noveske KFH Adjustable Amplifier Flash Hider CCW ~ $50 - MagPul PTS MIAD Grip for M4 / M16 V.2 ~ $60 I will also be getting a magpul AFG, a surefire light, a replica holo sight, and magpul MBUS v2 flip up sights, but those will all obviously fit. I plan on getting a total of 12 extra mags in addition to the included one, although I can not afford all of this at once so, I most likely will holdoff on the surefire and buy a few mags.
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