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  1. Lowered price on BlackHawk HPFU ITS Uniform; also running a few discounts over the next week:

    Use code KHAKI for %12 off all Khaki/MJK/CoyoteTan gear until June 27th at 12:00 AM

    I have some great old gen TAG gear in this color that is made of dual layered 1000D Cordura which makes it virtually impervious compared to other brands.

    Code BIGBOOTY for $15 off Eagle Industries FR Multicam Butt Pack until June 27th at 12:00 AM

    This is a classic Eagle design and it's really cool they brought it back for the FR Aircrew Kit. I've already sold much of the matching gear, so it's time I sell this too.

  2. Decided the Blackhawk HPFU in DM3 isn’t remotely my size anymore after dropping so many sizes in the past year, so it really needs to go asap. It's the full Integrated Tourniquet System version, the top is the same exact model used by the seals at one point, and all of it is new in bags. Legitkit regularly gets $80 to $110 just for the shirt or pants in used condition; this is a both and a hat too boot!

    Use the code ITSBLACK for $35.00 off.

    I've also lowered the prices on the DIG2 kit that matches it. I still have 4 of the DIG2 2-cell AK/M4 pouches left.

  3. “Good news everyone!”

    I've found a competent family member who is willing to ship stuff while I’m bed-ridden from my surgery in May; so the sale will still be up for another month.

    The 16% off code will still be expiring though, so take advantage of the good deal while it lasts!

    I still have lots of multicam and MJK Khaki gear, rare prototypes from companies like Eagle and LBT, and even Eagle Industries DIG2 gear!

  4. [bUMP] We are in the middle of a HUGE overhaul to MAP and we are now including teams/groups from other states in the Great Lakes Region!


    However we're no longer supporting MAP updates using AirsoftForum because of the limitations ASF has on editing posts. So shoot on over to the MiA MAP Thread to get your team listed!


    [EDIT] We have also removed minimum requirements for teams to be listed, and have a updated questionnaire!

  5. NOTE: This is a new project, we really need the help of the community to complete this; if you see something wrong, have new information, or a suggestion then please post it below. This post will be edited as I receive more information and the project moves closer to being "complete".


    Michigan Airsoft Project [MAP] is a collective effort to map all airsoft teams, retailers, and fields in Michigan.

    If you see an icon in your area then your in luck! Use the zoom option to get a closer look or click on the map-marker to find out more information. Note: The embedded map is a sample and you must use the link below for now.





    If your willing to help, here's what we need:

    • Name: the name of the team, field, or business
    • Location: this could be an address or just a town name
    • Contact: the name of someone who organizes or manages activities and an MiA profile link or email address

    If you wanted to include additional information then heres some idea's:

    • Website: wherever the group can be reached online, could be this forum even
    • Facebook: I hear people actually use these things :P
    • Second Contact: sometimes one just isn't enough
    • Team Patch or Logo: people love neat looking icons, if you have one I'll put it on the map and it'll draw more attention for your team; send a permalink, max image size is 35x35pixels

    Please understand that this information will be publicly available, so don't share anything you wouldn't want everyone in the world to have access to. Hopefully this map will make it easier for new players to find airsoft activities in their area.


    "For now I'd only like to include teams that have at-least 4 members to prevent anybody from posting a team. Otherwise this map will just become a list of middle-schoolers looking to start their own team." ~Cats


    For their contributions, special thanks goes to:

    Everyone who has contributed; since I can't keep these lists up to date on all the forums MAP is posted on, I've opted to omit it. If you've made a contribution and don't like that I've omitted your name then please post about it below or PM me and I'll name you specifically.

    Without help from the airsoft, MiA, and MichNAA communities this project would not be possible.


    This project originated on MichNAA michnaaproboards.com.

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