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  1. Ha yeah! we're making a solid case for it all to give it protection. We've also built a video recorder that embeds teh gun name, player name and target reticle into the video. Got an example here: Will add a video of that working live at the weekend!
  2. Nah we tried using sound couldn't get it to work, instead we use an IR sensor that screws over the barrel and talks to the app using bluetooth! Solves all problems ;-)
  3. Oright troops! I've got an updated version of our ammo counter to show you, we'll be bringing it to market via Indiegogo around the next few weeks. Video of it is here: Check the facebook page for updates: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Phobolt/391142060976614
  4. Bagged these two guys from a balcony, felt real good! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHwRlIT-mdM
  5. Trying to crack a decent ammo counter for rail mount. Wanted to share an ammo counter I've been working on with Phobolt. Video of it being tested here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N36WNghI2QE...eature=youtu.be
  6. I'm all about Ironsights. Being a CQB player everything happens at a thousand miles and hour, and with a decent tracer and mid cap mag I can loose off 6 rounds and walk in the shot.
  7. Here's a shot of the front of the case. Still playing with the app feature set, be cool to add a team kill counter, so you can let other team mates runnign the app how many kills you got
  8. Yeah here's a visual of the recorder on the app. It'll be easier to start/stop than the go pro and will embed all the graphics into the final video
  9. Yeah I looked at that, the GoPros are cool as. Thing is I'm gonna make an iPhone app that goes with it, measuring mission time and embedding the target reticule in the video. Long term I want to add more like ammo counters and team tracking. I'll post up some of the app designs in a mo
  10. Hey hey, to record the skirmishes I've made an iPhone case that attaches to the side of the rifle. I know kings arms did one of those ages ago but nothing seems to have come of it? Any way here's a pic of mine, what you reckon?
  11. That said if your not aloowed to throw a Tornado, merely roll it surely the impact grenades will only get you in trouble with the marshals?
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