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  1. could be. So far tey performed ok. When I was testing the range at 200', 8/10 bb's were straight and hitting in the same spot, the other 2 were flyers (but not too far off from the rest). Could be that since I recently greased greased the innner cylinder, some of the grease was affecting the bb's.
  2. thanks to all. The .26g bb's im using are made by TSD. (they're biodegradeable). Airsoft Gi (near my house) had them on sale since there discontinued. They were selling 4000 rounds for 13$. Not bad.
  3. 10-4. Ive been using .26g bbs and been able to pass 200' but wanted to try .23g. Should I keep the stock 247mm barrel? or go for tigh bore 247mm barrel?
  4. Long story short: Have a P90 w/247 mm stock barrel. Can I make 200 ft hits with Flat hop and a 247mm tightbore (6.03). will switching to a 363 TBB make a difference? (not fps wise). I want to keep my p90 compact, so switching to 363mm isnt a choice. Im using .23g bbs. FPS: 370/.2g so can a 247mm TBB with Flathop and stock barrel (or TBB) achieve 200ft hits? Thanks !
  5. from what ive heard, silverback have been pretty decent. Ive heard MAG brand P90 mags have many misfeeding problems.
  6. Im interested in any that you might have. Id be more interested if anyone has silverback P90 magazines(or any brand regardless) there willing to sell! Im interested in mid caps only (looking for several of them). If you only have 1 or 5, etc, let me know! Need them within the next few weeks but better if asap. price can be negotiated. Can do paypal. PM me or post on here! Thanks!
  7. update: found nozzle problem (after cutting new nozzle :( --I installed a new tappet plate but the it had a different curve for the gear delayer and caused the nozzle to be more forward. so I re installed the original tappt plate and everythings back to normal. (interesting how both tappet plates are dimensionally the same but had different desings in the delayer hand!.)
  8. evening update: I assembled the aeg completely (I left the air nozzle leak dilemma alone for now) and when I shot it, it shows 360-365 fps with m115 spring). Tomorrow morning, ill install the m120 and also shorten the new air nozzle since bb's can pass into the hop up since the nozzle doesnt retract all the way. My only concern is it seems I have to shave about 2mm in order for bb's pass, im thinking its a little to much but will see!
  9. Update: I finally got the hop up system (including barrel and all hop up unit components attached) at 100% compression. When I test the cylinder with cylinder head. compression is 100%. The only place that air is leaking from is the air nozzle. The air nozzle has an o-ring but air still seems to get through. Anyone have some suggestions on how to seal air nozzle to cylinder head leak?
  10. Update 2: seems its getting worse! I re-installed the m120 spring and now im getting 280fps. I cant think of anything else that might be causing this. My only though is that there might be a massive airleak from air nozzle to hop up unit. Ive used nail polish to increase its diameter but no luck..
  11. Update: I assume im doing something wrong. Today, I installed the m115 spring again and now im getting 308 fps.....(before it was 365 fps)... update on what ive done so far: im using a cylinder with no port -363mm tight bore (6.03) madbull python ver.2 -m115 spring (fps result :305-310 fps) ------------ When I installed the m120 (magic box brand) I was getting 280 fps +/- Im at the point of giving up with version 2 gearboxes :( Notes: as stated before, ive done all compression mods (even nail polish on nozzle to increase its diamter to reduce air leak in hop up unit). But still I cant get good fps...
  12. Long story short: I had a m4 pdw (dboys or matrix brand) that I installed an m115 spring and 363mm tightbore barrel (madbull python) and got 365 fps out of it. So today I installed an m120 (Magic box) and I got 280fps!!!!!! ( I have done all compression mods (teflon wrapped cyldiner head), nail polish mod, polished cylinder, new oring, new air nozzle w/ o-ring). it seems version 2 gearboxes have beef with me since other gearboxes I work on come out great!.... Any thoughts on what it could be? I used 10wt silicone oil in all my aeg cylinders and never had a compression problem. The compression test is great but when I test it with the airnozzle w/ o-ring, air seems to escape passed the air nozzle's o=ring stilll.... Any help is appreciated. thank!
  13. Thanks, after posting this thread, I went back into the bear box and noticed the cut off lever wasnt in properly and now its fixed! Shoudlve thought before posting this. Thanks
  14. Long story short: Im in the process of upgrading and modifying my m4 pdw and thought of bending the trigger contact plates straighter so they could engage the trigger in a shorter amount of time. Now when I connect my 9.6volt and go semi, it shoots 2-3 times then stops, but when I switch to full auto, its fine. Can this be a problem with the straightened trigger plates? No wiring upgrade as been done. what can it be?
  15. Thanks. True indeed. I have a 5000 mah 9.6 battery and I usually put it in a pouch attached to the stock most of the times. Some people get surprised when they hear its 5000mah.
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