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  1. There is a indoor QCB place near me that my freinds and I play at a lot. I like to run just pistols in there. It gives me a lot of mobility. As of right now I'm running a WE 1911 dessert warrior. I know a lot of people hate WE but this one runs fine. But I know it will not last forever with a lot of contunious use. Can anyone sugest a pistol that will handle a lot of use? It does not have to be a 1911.
  2. Just got the WE 4.3 Dessert Warrior Still debating on rail or no rail.
  3. Looking for a slightly used Flaming pig or Skull frog suppressor. Let me know what you got.
  4. I got a good deal on real MOE Foliage green hand-guards ($20 shipped). They came in today and when I tried to install them on my JG M4 they would not fit. The distance between the delta ring assembly and the front hand-guard cap is to small. Has anyone had this problem? Or is this done on purpose so you have to buy airsoft parts instead of real AR parts?
  5. Sweet. I just ordered 2 of the Turnigy nano Lipo's 1300mAh 25C from HobbyKing.com for $20 shipped.
  6. I think I will look into the lipo battery for now. Reading a few of the pins up in the forums, it was suggested to something around a 1500mah 20c or a 2000mah 15c which should be 30a output right. Or can I go with something lower than that say like a 1200mah 20c or 1800mah 15c?
  7. I'm not to worried about not collapsing the stock all the way. I might go that route. I can just get the lipo first to see if it fits in my buffer tube. That way I still get a battery upgrade no matter what. I knew about the mag pouch trick but as you said would not match the look of my real rifle. Even though my real rifle is a dissipator style AR15 which has rifle length handguards and my replica has carbine.
  8. First off, this is my replica. JG M4 It is wired to the rear with a nun chuck style battery which fits on both sides of the stock. I am wanting to change the furniture to match my real AR15 which is wearing foliage green magpul MOE handguards and MOE PTS stock. Will I be able to get a smaller battery and have it fit in the buffer tube or should I just have it re-wired to the front and put the batteries under the handguard? As for going with a LiPo, not sure if my replica is LiPo ready or not.
  9. What distance does everyone use to zero in their replica? What would you say the average engagement distance is?
  10. What about using "Moble 1 Synthetic"? I use them on my real steal AR15 and it works great.
  11. Well the brown truck of happiness showed up a day early!!!!! On a said note: the batteries are dead but im not going to be able to charge them until tomorrow. 1500mah batteries and a 300ma charger means 5 hours to charge so I will be in bed when it would be ready. I will just take it with me to work and charge them there. That way I can take it off the charger when I need to. I cant wait to shoot this thing of beauty!
  12. Ok I am new to airsoft and just purchased my first gun but it has not come in yet. JG M4 RIS I know everyone says don't use the basic charger that comes with it, but buying a smart charger is not in the budget right now. My question is should I try to charge the batteries when I get it and if so how long? I know it depends on the charger but the battery should have a decent amount of charge in it the first time. Or should I just use it until it needs a charge then charge it according to what the charger states? I will be buying a smart charger soon just cant do it right now.
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