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  1. On top of that cheap 18650 cells are waaay overrated capacity-wise. If it only costs 2 bucks, and claims to be 4500mah, its real capacity is probably less than 1000mah. Real, high quality, 18650 cells top out slightly over 3000mah and cost $10 or more.
  2. The reason for these is because the NRA successfully lobbied for the it to be illegal for the CDC to do research into gun violence. Any research done in the US is decades old, which is why people compare with other countries. Long term, this is probably the single most important thing that needs to be changed.
  3. Don't run the motor in water. it won't kill the motor, but it isn't good for it. A. You probably won't clean it out perfectly and it will start rusting somewhere. and B. The impurities in the water will get plated onto the comm, which isn't an optimal thing to do. and also: C. It is a cumbersome and messy process for no real gain. To break in the brushes all you need to do is run it on a low voltage with no load for several minutes.
  4. For you guys who like Team Associated's green slime, this is what it actually is: Noleen SF3.
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