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  1. I'm not too sure if this is the right board for it so mods feel free to relocate. Now that I got an upcoming GBB Pistol on the way and has own a WE Scar-L here, I'm a bit clueless on making the right maintenance and cleanup. As far as the basic cleaning goes, what do I do to prevent rust and getting rid of it? It seems the screws on the SCAR is pretty vulnerable to that and I already kept it in good temperature and humidity. Aside from that, I don't fire the gun much but I want to make sure I can get the gun to cycle and perform well, are there any lubricants or oils that I can get? I can't buy the gun lube because that means I have to import that and it will cost me an arm and a leg. Any other general care tips as well?
  2. Does anyone know if the TM's 1911 Series 70 accepts most 1911 magazines from TM?
  3. Noticed that most Hi-Capas are stubby 1911s, some had rails and some are okay, don't have to be completely classic. I tend to get confused between KSC, KWA and KJC (All the KKKs.). Which particular brands are better? I might not get the TM 1911 if my supplier can't get me the HFC 134a gas, I really worry about paying so much and might end up breaking it, seems like a huge gamble.
  4. Sorry to bump my thread up. Are there other 1911s anyone else is recommending? Particularly using green gas?
  5. Nah, sadly I'm in Asia. Where I am, it's a really controlled hobby so I can't just simply buy things off the bat. I have to order in and get license and stuff, which is an added cost especially when I have to buy smaller items such as gas or BBs.
  6. Typical temperature here is between 25 to 35 Celcius degree. It rains but generally it's room temperature. I'm scared about the slides breaking due to the excessive pressure but if that's the case, then I can still go ahead for that.
  7. Well shiiiiet. TM uses 134a, apparently I can't get those here, only green gas. What do? I'm scared of using green gas on TM's gun due to the plastic. And I can't buy upgrade parts. Unless I can find some metal-ish guns of similar quality...
  8. A quick update here guys. I'll be getting the Tokyo Marui's Desert Warrior 4.3. I initially wanted to get the Colt Government version because it looks really classic, but I think I like the shorter barrel as well as the under-rails. Shame about the camo though, I think a classic-look is nicer. Are there other revolvers that uses green gas? WINGUN was sort of on discount but it's using CO2 canisters, I can't get that I'm afraid.
  9. So given the budget and option: TM will win hands down then. I'm just worried about buying aftermarket accessories for it because I don't have easy access to buying parts. People are saying the WE's pistols are really brittle, takes too much gas and so forth. Is it true? Though Tanaka isn't anyway that cheaper right?
  10. Thanks for the feedback fellas. :) I guess I won't mind the plastic on the TM 1911, as long as it's built proper to last. People tend to say it surpasses all the other brands for 1911 out there at the moment. How about the SOCOMGEAR one I was talking about? I know that Tanaka feels more plastic-ly than DanWesson/WinGun revolvers, does anyone know about that? I'd prefer to have green gas instead of CO2 canisters since it's strangely harder to find here.
  11. Marushin revolver seems like a fair deal, though I don't like how there's not much recoil to it? I'm not too sure if this happens to all airsoft revolvers. Shell ejection for the pistols are nifty but I still like something for skirmish at the least. Everyone seems to point me towards the TM 1911 for build (How bad are the plastic anyways? The WE Glock I got feels pretty damn nice), any thoughts on the other contenders like WE, KJW, KSC and Western Arms? Oh, I saw SOCOMGEAR's 1911, it looked real good and it has an awesome deal of 2 mags and a lanyard from EHobbyAsia. What are your thoughts on it if anyone knows about that?
  12. Hey y'all, I needed some thoughts on buying a new airsoft stuff. Currently budget isn't much of a problem but availability would be since I'll be ordering the stuff off e-hobbyAsia.com (These guys are always outta stock). I'm more of a collector/cosplayer than a skirmisher but I do want to try my hands out sometime when I'm free. Now, I personally owned the WE Scar and the Glock 17, both are perfect weapons which are quite realistic and solid, that's probably my expectation at that point. Also, I live in tropical climate so there's nothing to worry about cold. Point being, I want it realistic, not something with 500 round hi-cap mag. So I'm thinking about getting one pistol, one revolver and a shotgun. Problem with shotgun is, the only thing that's grabbing my attention is the Maruzen that's realistic with the shells and actions, unlike others where it's box-capped and spring. I heard WINGUN is the more realistic of all revolvers with nice looking shells, ejector, actions and whatnot. Has anyone had any experience with TM's 1911? I feel put off by the plastic built though and I'm not into upgrading whatsoever. I'm torn between USP, 1911s and Browning, though I know Tanaka and WE had Browning HP that's pretty sub-par.
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