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  1. Thanks for the heads up :) The guy at Hobbytown recommended I use the OEM part because an aftermarket piston could potentially make the gearbox "tighter" ? I'm not sure what this means, but it sounds kind of weird to me.
  2. Okay :) Thank you very much! And also, thank you to everyone else who helped me out on my problem.
  3. Thank you for your input, but what is the whole thing behind full teeth, half teeth, and no teeth? Which one would be best suitable for my gun?
  4. Okay, well I figured out the problem and it is the piston. I need to get a replacement, and I have no clue which one to get. Any suggestions as to how to pick one or are they all the same?
  5. My gun is a Classic Army M15A4 Carbine (SV Series). I've had it for about 1 week so far. I played my first game of airsoft with my friends and my gun was perfectly working. I shot around 500 bbs. I refilled my hi cap magazine when it was empty and shot once to make sure it was feeding correctly. However, when I pulled the trigger, the gun "clicked" It does this on semi auto and full auto. I made sure there were no jams, and when I looked in the hole where the bbs would feed, there was something blocking it. I think it is the air nozzle, but I am not sure because I am pretty new to airsoft. The gun is all stock and no upgrades have been installed for it. When I got home, I charged my battery until it was full, and my gun still made the clicking noise. If anyone has any suggestions on what I can do, please help! UPDATE: I popped the ARL and it doesn't make the clicking noise. However, I think I have a motor problem now. When I pull the trigger, the motor will spin but the gun itself will not shoot. The only moving part is the motor. Any help?
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