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  1. Yea I had actually gotten into the hop up the other day and it is completley different from an aeg hop up. I will just stick with how it is. Thanks!
  2. Ok thanks that sounds great. I have a leg holster for it but needless to say its not the best. I had to remove the strap that wraps around my leg because it was constanttly bunching up my pants or pulling them down lol Now I just attach it to my belt and it wacks up against my leg and im afraid it will break my MP7
  3. There are four I believe. There is the Well R4 MP7 (the one I have), the gas KWA MP7, an MP7 that tokyo marui makes, and there is a crappy cheap electric version that is licensed by HK but is a poor excuse for a secondary lol
  4. OK awesome thanks! While we are on the subject of the MP7, what is the best holster for it? The drop leg holster I have sucks and I want a better one for my MP7 and one that will actually help rather than hold me up
  5. Hmm thats interesting. I will have to do as suggested and slowly move into propane. I will definatley be going to the MP7. The Kriss is new so it still has issues that need to be taken care of later models that KWA makes so I will just stick with the MP7
  6. I see what you are saying. Thank you for the information! I personnally enjoy cleaning and maintaining my airsoft guns and my real firearms as well so the constant maintinance for this gun should be a blast for me. Thank you for the information upon the hop up as well, it was one of the main things that was concerning me with the gun. As for the bucking, most stock airsoft gun buckings are moderate if not crap and in my experince no matter what company makes an airsoft gun, the stock buckings are always crap but thats just personnal experince and opinion. Thank You!!
  7. On a personal and true note from someone who owns a Well R4 MP7, they are not the most friendly things to dissasemble. I don't think they had humans in mind when they desighned lol :a-laugh: Now, as for the trigger assembly I am unsure of but the wires are simple. The rail system on the top of the MP7 must be removed. You will need an allen wrench for this but first, remove the iorn sights. There you will see four allen screws. You only need to remove three of them to take the rail off. The other screw is a "dummy screw" and is just there for some odd reason. After the screws are removed you can freely take off the rail and see your red and black wires and where they connect. It is a small area and a tight fit so you might need tweezers to connect them back to there place to the connectors. Remember, the black wire is the closest to the battery. If this is wrong, just switch them around. If you are using tweezers be sure your battery is not in the gun. Sorry for late reply, did not notice this topic until now, I hope this helps! If you need any other help or have questions feel free to ask and I will be happy to help you. The Well MP7 is not a friendly gun to take apart and customize (been there, don't ever want to do that again) but I am experinced with it so I will be here for any help needed.
  8. Hey Guys! I am planning to install a new bucking and an H style nub in my Well R4 MP7. This is the same nub and bucking I use in my custom AUG and considering it increased my range and accuracy in my AUG by 50 feet if not more, will it do the same in my MP7? Give or take 25 feet due to the R4's low power. I already achieve 75 to 100 feet accuratley (depending on battery life) with the MP7 using .23 bbs. Is it worth installing this nub and bucking to this gun? Or will it show no change at all? Note: The Well R4 MP7 is not a very friendly gun to take apart and get to the motor, gearbox unit and hop up unit so if this is not worth the trouble of taking apart and installing a new bucking and nub I would like to know. Thank You!
  9. Thank you! I have already been doing the math on the mags and propane. I have seen thos mags run for $40 to $50. I will probly stay at greengas because I have read things saying that propane caused some MP7s to malfuction, hop up buckings start to swell up etc. so I will stick with greengas but as you said before, the price is atrocious and I cant agree more lol. Thank you for the information, it has been extremley helpful! I will go back to my calculator, do more math and see if its worth it with the information I have been given. Thank You!!!
  10. I know the feeling. I used to paintball myself but it go so expensive due to the ammo so its understandable. And any part should work, its an M4 so like Alberty said. I also asked my friend and he said yes but if you ever buy a different rail system for it, you have to buy a specific one meant for this model because the battery is stored under the rail and it is a specific model made for this rail but most if not all M4/M16 parts will work with it.
  11. Hey guys! Once again I am stuck at a crossroads. I am thinking upon buying either a KWA MP7 or the KWA KRISS Vector and ditch my AEP Well MP7, but am unsure of which one to buy. I am leaning more toward the MP7 because the price seems more reasonable than the KRISS (I understand the KRISS just came out but I cant spend hundreds of dollars left and right) and I am a big fan of the MP7 but I have also heard good things about the KRISS. In my information I have gatherd they both get the same FPS (mind I don't care to much about the FPS as long as it is an accurate gun with range). But I am unsure of which gun would get the best range and accuracy. Normally I use an MP7 as a secondary or if I am placed as a medic I use it as a primary just to stay light weight, fast, and mobile. So which gun (the MP7 or KRISS) is best in range, accuracy, and function? Fuction being how durable it is, problems they may have etc. What is the range of each gun? Is it worth the buy, or should I just stick with my Well AEP MP7 because I want a quality secondary. It would be appreciated if ONLY users who own or have used these guns would leave there experence and information about them and opinions upon which one I should get and if the purchase is worth the buck. Thank You!
  12. Alberty makes great and accurate points on the bbs. In my opinion and experince from field and cqc/cqb, I prefer .23 bbs. I get the best range and accuracy out of those, and in my soul opinion, it gives you the perfect balance of wieght because it sits between .20 and .25 but its just whatever you like to use and what you prefer. And btw, my friend has the M4 you are looking at and it is a beast. Accurate, good range, well built to last and take a beating, just all around great gun. He has shot me with it and it hurts like hell. Only downside is the battery is hard to put in it (kind of a tight fit) but well worth it
  13. If you want a cool looking gun, get A JG AUG A2. I know its not an M16 or an M4 but it is good for CQB (im guessing you do CBQ cause of your backyard) and it gets 380 FPS so its not to high and its reliable. I have my own custom AUG and the JG AUG A2 and it works great. Its about $130 to $150 but its worth it. Go to AirsoftMegastore to get it for the cheapest price. Airsplat may be cheaper but from personnal experiences, I do not trust Airsplat. A good brand of BB is Goldenball. They are all I use and are at a good price sold at Airsoftmegastore. Bio degradable (in my experince) don't work and are weak and my buddys had some and they broke in the gun so just use regular bbs. Matrix bbs are good and madbull bbs are good as well, but do not buy any walmart or other department store bb like crossmans, ultrasonic, etc. they will break in the gun and ruin it.
  14. The belt is rigid, not elastic and it fits perfectly. I adjusted it myself. I try to keep it as high on my thigh as I can but I am not very tall, only about 5 foot 9 inch, and the MP7 holster is big so it goes from my belt loop of my pants to my lower thigh so that might be a problem factor as well. I just use the MP7 because in our games they take place in large envirnments that have small shack towns spread across a field game as objectives to attack and control as spawn areas and domination so it goes from field to extreme CQC/CQB and there are no ammo stops so I use the MP7 as my secondary in house to house engaments with my tactical knife and my custom AUG for the field. Even though my AUG dominates in CQC/CQB, I need to save it for field ops and my AUG is custom so it gets 415 + FPS and I don't want to use it in CQC/CQB and hurt someone with it at point blank range so the MP7 is kinda essential
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