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  1. Hey guys! This may seem really stupid, but I just wanted to ask where the gas route spring goes on a KJW M700. I bought the G&G one and I just want to make sure I don't mistake it for something else and put it in the wrong place. If someone could help really quick, I'd REALLY appreciate it. Thanks, Danny
  2. I was told the M700 is compatible with VSR-10 parts
  3. Hey guys! I was wondering about the bucking and barrel fitment on my gun. People suggested the nine-ball hopup bucking for my KJW M700 so that's what I got. However, the nine-ball bucking is slightly smaller than the standard bucking, so the barrel won't fit. What am I missing here? This is what I bought Left: Nine-Ball Bucking. Right: Standard Bucking Thanks
  4. Hey guys! I got my KJW M700 along with some new parts and I had a question about the G&G Hopup unit. On the standard hopup, there's two allen screws on either side and a set-screw on the bottom. However, while the G&G hopup is nearly identical, it's missing the two allen screws and set-screw. Because of this, the barrel will slide back and forth in the hopup unit about half an inch, but it won't fall out. Still, it should be held in place. I'm just wondering what a fix might be. Thanks, Danny
  5. I'm trying to put together a list of what I need for an HPA system but it's scattered across so many forums and it's pretty confusing so I feel like I'm in WAYYYYY over my head. I really need someone's help setting this up because I'm at a loss here. I'm looking to do an HPA setup on a KJW M700. I understand the mag tapping, I just don't know what parts I'm going to need for the setup. If there's anyone I can message or that could post a setup for the HPA rig here I would GREATLY appreciate it. I'm sorry I'm resorting to the general section with this, but I feel so lost right now. Thanks, Danny
  6. Hey guys! I really need help understand what I need to build an HPA setup and where they can be filled. I understand some scuba shops and fire departments will fill the tanks if they have the right adapter. Anyway, If anyone could post their parts list for an HPA setup I would GREATLY appreciate it because I'm not sure exactly where to get everything or of everything I need. Thank you, Danny
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