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  1. After seeing the gun in my dream last night, I have decided that I will either SAVE money, or look for it second hand... But the Tokyo marui g36c recoil shock version shall be mine!
  2. I'll use it in the field. But the difference in the C and K version is rather small so I don't think I will be at a disadvantage if I choose the C over the K. I find the C much sexier. Guys how about the 3rd generation of the brand Src? src 3rd generation g36c. They say the second generation was kinda the same as the JG brand, and that the 3rd generation is a step up from that?
  3. Dear awesome dudes, I have been a paintball guy for a short while now. I quit because they banned replica's in the netherlands. (stupid) Since januari AIRSOFT has been made legal because of a association who lobbyd for this. So yeah cool new hobby! But all the things aside. I need a new gun. I looked around and just couldn't make up my mind. There are soooo many brands... The choice of weapon is a G36C (So sexy!) maybe a g36k. But of which brand? I see alot of guys telling me to look for KWA, Star, Ares H&K and Tokyo Marui. Help me guys, at this rate I will look around for a whole year! The only thing I want is blowback. I feel empty without the recoil. I already have a Lipo/nimh charger because of my RC car hobby so that won't be an issue. Budget is around the 300 dollar range
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