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  1. scopes and red dots are for rifles get a laser and go green. Red lasers suck
  2. I wanna order some parts for my CA m24 from x-fire but am worried about how there prices are in yen and they don't say if the parts are in stock on the site how would I convert my USD to Yen as they only accept paypal and dose any1 have exp. ordering from tham
  3. had a cross draw and hated it my M15A4 would hit it all the time and when I would try to change over to my secondary my m15 on the sling would get in the way so now I use a drop leg
  4. Airsoft gi sent there quick draw holster instead of the universal one I ordered there the same price should I send it back or keep the quick draw
  5. can anyone link to a website I can buy from or the manuf. web site I cant seem to find it
  6. I wanna know what its like to play there is it over run by little kids is it over crowded stuff like that
  7. new tank and the first time I try to fill ill get like 4 -5 shots then if I try to refill after I get like a mag and a half out of a fill just my first fill is always short
  8. I have a classic army M15A4 that shoots at 430 fps and im running a 9.6 batt how could I get faster trigger response
  9. I have it its an ok gun few prob. with the slide hitting on the hammer and catching but that stoped after putting 2 mags in. get the co2 mag its worth it
  10. its 80 degs out and when I fill my KJW m1911 mag with propane (madbull V2 adaptor) ill hold it down for 10 secs or longer and no gas will spew out no mater how long I hold it but when I go to shoot I get 2-4 shots then its empty I know its not leaking as I cant hear any
  11. I have a 2004 CA M15A4 that shoots at about 430FPS what should I do before I run a lipo and what mah and voltage should I use also are the madbull lifpos any good links to chargers and batts would be great P.S ROF is not a big deal for me trigger response is
  12. it would work better then a blow back but not much you still have the cool down effect
  13. so is the tanio koba edition out? could some1 give a link to a site I can buy from
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