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  1. The craziest player in Kansas City...period.
  2. The craziest player in Kansas City...period.
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  4. Totes should share this.....
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  7. MAKO Team hosts their weekly Open Play at the MAKO Advanced Combat Center with a festive Easter game. Zippo tries some tactics he learned in the rough streets of Killa City. Titan impresses with his stellar rendition of "I'm so Ronery." Like, share, subscribe!
  8. At this point not that I know of. Right now it's strictly limited to Saturday games, but with there being better weather I know Friday night and Sunday games were discussed. Stay tuned. Thanks for the view!
  9. Kilroy and I went to the MACC today to do some last minute prep for the MAKO Advance Combat Center's Grand Opening, April 13th 2013! See you there!
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