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  1. I want to buy a Full Stock in black for M4 AEGs. Cannot be the stubby/CQB version.
  2. WTB: 11mm Negative to 14mm adapter for pistol Needs to screw in counter clockwise onto the inner threads of a pistol barrel. Opposite side threads can be either direction.
  3. I recently got a VFC PPQ and to my dismay and confusion, the threads on the inside of the barrel are negative. I've scoured google, and can't find an adapter at all. Anyone have experience with this or can help me find one?
  4. The price is OBO~ Heavily so. I have a lower price in mind, so the $300 is just wishful thinking. Make a reasonable offer, and you never know, it could be yours!
  5. WTS: Maruzen P99 with Zeke slide (full trades) and Firefly recoil rod/spring. $300 OBO <Emphasis on OBO. Also comes with trademarked mock suppressor. No trades. Lightly used. Only problem is that the paint around the "Walther" have been taken off a bit when uncovering trades after being imported.
  6. Wow, this went full circle. This used to be mine, and someone else's before me. Then I sold it to someone, and he traded it to you. Nice to see my description was good enough to warrant a reuse.
  7. I'd be interested in the Blackhawk, if you can guarantee that it fits a WE G18c and made it cheaper... -B1indfire
  8. How much for the G&G ball bearing piston head and the scorpion midcap? (If you're willing to part, that is...) -B1indfire
  9. I want to buy -WE 1911 mags with the flat base plate. Like this: http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=32156 Chrome or black -AEP MP7 mags Preferably the long ones. PM me or reply. -B1indfire
  10. I want to buy up to three WE single stack mags on the cheap. Preference is as follows: Silver/Chrome with Completely flat bottom Black with the flat bottom silver/chrome with the medium bottom black with the medium bottom PM me for the fastest response. -B1indfire
  11. I've got this: http://imgur.com/0AXNM4n PM me if interested. -B1indfire
  12. I have a few mini brick type batteries if you want. -B1indfire
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