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  1. There's a day op coming up this coming weekend Called operation Crossroads. Here's the link https://www.facebook.com/events/190666241288797/ Great Refs, Great Owners Some quick info. Field Limit 500fps with .25 CQB limit of 400fps w/ .25 There will be night time play as well.
  2. Pm sent. Ive been having trouble getting messages through. If you do t get one and see this send me a PM. interested in the condor MPS
  3. This...thank you Since I don't know how to do multiple quotes on mobile. <AT>coyote Whether you were being sarcastic or not won't help you in a court of law if you get a conspiracy charge because someone went and did something stupid and said it was your advice. "Sarcasm" is hard to prove to a judge or jury when someone is laying dead over a game. Remember this is the age of people who win $30million dollar law suits because their coffee was hot. Common sense isn't so common any more.
  4. OK, A few things because it seems there should be clarification of some of these "suggestions" Some background so you know I speak from experience and training. Not just what I read online. First I am a certified paralegal in NYS and have been in criminal law for the last 10 years. I've seen real combat. So some of my advice comes from actual experience. Carrying a real firearm to an airsoft field: (I live in NY State your laws may vary) 1. My local fields have zero tolerance for the carrying of real firearms while playing airsoft. If caught the police will be called and you will be banned. 2. Using a firearm to "de-escalate" the situation is the WRONG thing to do. In this state(and most states) Force can be met with "equally opposing force necessary to stop an attack or perceived attack upon your person or another person." In other words. The guy pushed the OP, the OP has the right (in NY) to push the guy back, or if he feels threatened enough, to knock him on his rear. Once the attack has been successfully stopped the OP would have to stop. Otherwise the OP would easily become the offender. 3. Pulling out a gun for the "scare factor"....This is the worst advice I've ever heard in my life. That constitutes DEADLY PHYSICAL FORCE. If you pull a gun it better be because the other guy has a deadly weapon and you believe he intends to/has tried to cause you or someone you can see serious bodily harm or death. A gun for a shove will get you locked up real fast. NEVER. EVER. PULL A GUN TO INTIMIDATE SOMEONE. If you pull a gun, you better shoot him, (and take some classes before you decide to buy a firearm.) Because if you don't, you won't like what happens next. And if you do use your weapon, you may have nightmares the rest of your life, PTSD, etc. Everyone is a killer until they have to deal with life afterwards. The taking of a human life, for 99.9% of all people is something no matter the situation that will haunt them forever. I shot people who wanted me dead more than to breathe the air god gave them, and I have the nightmares to prove it. On to "less than lethal" weapons. 1. Don't do it for all the same reasons, see above. A retractable baton is a deadly weapon in this state. 2. You're playing airsoft, you have a few options. Some of them childish, some of them cruel. Some of them funny. It's up to you how old you want to act, and how you want people to perceive you. To the OP: You sir did the adult thing. You walked away. While I personally would've done it differently, you did what was morally right. The guy acted like an a55, and you bore it, and everyone saw he was a jerk off. Now if you see this 40yr old clown again..Well just remember he's a "person of limited mental capability who hates his life, and gets mad over airsoft"... LOL c'mon, you win every time he gets raving mad. I applaud you sir. BE ADVISED: My information DOES NOT constitute actual legal advice on any given topic. These are my educated opinions and vary by state, country, and local laws. AS ALWAYS, CONSULT WITH A LAWYER!!! edit, spelling
  5. He's asking 150 each. I'm wondering if I should bother buying these. I looked on ASGI and they are out of stock but new are ~$350 http://hudsonvalley.craigslist.org/spo/4308983897.html It's late tonight so I will ask for pictures tomorrow during the day. Thoughts?
  6. Hello all, I am able to procure some Civilian army couts/blouses for your useage. These are Government issue to Civilians. Color is tan. Details are as follows Civilian Protective Uniform Coat 50% nylon 50% ripstop cotton Zipper and velcro front closure Collar and wrist velcro closure Four (4) sleeve velcro closure patch pockets Two (2) chest velcro closure chest pockets Two (2) pencil pockets Extra Large Short: height - 63" - 67"; chest 45-" - 49" Large Long: height -71" -75"; chest - 41" - 45" Large Short: height - 63" -67"; chest - 41" - 45" Small Long: height - 71" - 75"; chest - 33" - 37" The photos are representative of the item(s) you will receive, but are not the actual item(s). The item(s) you receive may differ slightly in condition or appearance from the representative photos, but will be substantially the same in terms of their condition, appearance and functionality. These are basically the same as current issue coats/blouses only with no camo pattern. I want to see if any of you want them. I'm asking $30/ea http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q496/Rico_Law/3832-4.jpg Click the right arrow to see the other three pictures. Check it out and fire me a message if you want one. I want to make one trip to get this stuff.
  7. Pads are good. Shipping was fast. Thanks for a great transaction .....free bump.
  8. OK, Understood. Thanks for replying Airborne101.
  9. So, I'm toying with the idea of buying a TM M4 SOPMOD. Any thoughts or reviews from others on here? I'm not real big into EBB, but one person told me that the Marui EBB is very reliable and not prone to breaking. And of course the usual TM greatness. It isn't crazy expensive and is within my proposed budget. Any Problems with the TM quick connect system? How hard/expensive is it to upgrade? Any known issues I should be considering? What other information should I be looking for?
  10. So I have a few ideas 1. Organizing the pay ads better to make it one or two rows, not all jumbled like it is. 2. An app for mobile 3. Organizing categories into sub categories. Such as Classifieds: 1)Guns 2)Gear 3) Misc etc. this can be done with other categories as well. 4. The "we are making upgrades" page is still there. been a few months no?
  11. Looking to make some extra cash. I have paracord bracelets that I make at home for sale. for $5/each. Free shipping. If you order 5 or more I'll give you a good discount. I can sell rolls of paracord to you as well. Things I make: 1. Key FOB 2. Bracelets 3. Dog Collars 4. Dog Leashes 5. Rifle Slings. 6. Monkeys Fist You name it I can probably make it. Send me a message. I'll post some pics of the colors I have at this time once I get home. Thanks
  12. I have a KJW glock 29. When firing I will shoot and the bb will roll out of the barrel. This is not for every shot, about every other shot. This is my first gas pistol So I have NO idea what to look for. Any guidance?
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