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  1. I'm really interested to buy the eotech. hopefully this guy comes again..:/
  2. I'm still looking for optics. if you have a magnified scope that can be adjusted (x1-3.5 for example, not looking for a fix magnification), feel free to offer me.
  3. I'm looking for a 150mm tan/DE suppressor that can go directly to the barrel thread (preferrable both 14mm + and -, not the flash hider). Pm me with price and pictures. thanks
  4. I checked it already yesterday, I thought the tan eotech already sold out. I'll try to send him a message. thanks man
  5. As title, pm me for offer. thanks!
  6. Well, it's not an issue actually, but I do have a question about the mk16 that I have just bought. So when I tried to fire it, basically the BBs didnt land on where it's supposed to be based on the iron sight mark (like it's drop below from where it's supposed to be based on the iron sight mark). I thought since it was shipped fresh from the manufacture, it should have been adjusted to the standard one without requiring hop up. This is my first AEG and I'm kinda worried about adjusting the hop up for my AEG since I read it somewhere that it has the potential risk to damage the gun. Other than the hop up, I don't see any control to adjust the iron sight level if there's any, so I come to a conclusion that it's something to do with the hop up. Any idea or suggestion? Or any tips and tricks for hop ups? Thank you!
  7. hey guys, thank you all for the information. Finally I placed my order for VFC mk16, can't wait to unwrap it..dammmnnnn! Btw, for CQB, do you guys have any suggestion for flashlight? There are really tons of flashlight's variety and I'm totally blown off..can't decide (link from evike: http://www.evike.com/advanced_search_resul...-718&y=-123 ). Any suggestion will greatly appreciate! Thank youu.!
  8. Hi guys, I'm just about to join airsoftgun community, and I need some suggestion on weapon that im gonna buy (for both CQB and Field play). So far, my option falls into this one. http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPat...oducts_id=28438 what do you guys think? I'm planning to buy extra mags, but when I browsed, I didnt see if there's any mag for mk16. Does it use mag of m4/m16, or is there any specific type of mag. for mk16? I'm also wondering about the type battery and its charger. it's only specified small type of battery, but im not quite sure which battery that I should choose and if you guys have any recommendation on the charger, that would be really great. And also, for the optics, is there any preference when playing field or CQB? Thank you!
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