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  1. Good Morning Airsofters! Went to a skirmish this past weekend. Am really happy with my recent gearbox shim/lube job. Now my attention is drawn to two items. First, the spring. The gearbox being the "enhanced" JG is all metal incl gears and guides and in the states, boasts an average fps on all the sites of around 400+ fps (120+ mps). But since it is an Italy import gun, it is regulated to start at only 328 fps or 100 mps. Does anyone know what type of spring I would want to change to in order to get to the build strength that comes in same gun elsewhere in world? As I understand it, a 100 spring is roughly 100 mps with .20 (110 is 110 mps, etc). Is this more or less accurate? Second topic, the Hop Up: How do you feel about changing Hop Up unit to aftermarket (in this case a King Arms)? Is it truly a noticeable and useful upgrade or is it one of those esoteric things that improves only a tiny bit overall performance? Thanks a lot for the help!
  2. Obviously you people are not listening to the "experts". Don't you know that the most effective way to defend against work place shooters is to use scissors (thanks DHS) or a ballpoint pen (Thanks CO Senator Jesse Ulibarri (D))? Granted against all those "imploding" bullets (thanks CA Senator Diane 'I've Seen The Bullets That Implode' Feinstein (D)) one might instead need to shoot blindly through the door with a shotgun (thanks VP Joe Biden!) Now, I am all for adapting and improvising, but to make that your first and only option? I am going to to go weep now.
  3. Hi, I am a new guy to this forum as well, but since I live in Italy we have similar problems. I asked the same question about Chinese shops on some other forums and was told that EHobbyAsia and Red Wolf Airsoft are both reliable. Look at RedWolf, maybe their shipping is better. "Free shipping" offer would make me suspicious as it is expensive to ship from Japan to Turkey, even if you are on the Asian side of Turkey! I also found some reliable sites here in Italy. Turkey is also in EEU and they have good prices. One is called "Milit it" and the other is "soft air gun italia". Punch in those terms in Google and they will come up first. And most shops in England, of which there are many, maybe ships to Turkey. Hope that helps.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I bought a TM 17 yesterday at a shop suggested on another forum where I asked same question.
  5. I hear you, and am looking. Only place I have found 'em over here is UK. Cost is somewhat of an object, for example, found a couple places in UK that will sell them to me for about $250-300 USD incl shipping. One of them is a WE! The others are TM and KSC. About to pull the proverbial trigger on one of those two deals unless I find something less expensive. Was going to buy something in the States and have friend or family use USPS International Priority Flate Rate Box for $23 to ship it to me, which is why I asked on a US forum. Airsplat is sold out even though website says they do have some WE's. Or did the other day. Found no other stateside dealers either. Among the other shops suggested in various forums, which has been real helpful, are a couple in Hong Kong. Best place to ask as any since you mentioned it. Anyone have any experience with the Hong Kong places? Are they reliable real deal shops?
  6. Thanks for that. Yeah, I am in Italy, though I did find the WE17 at Airsplat after I saw first poster and they do ship here, so maybe... Would much prefer to have the KSC/KWA, but have not found one of those anywhere in a 17/22 size. Do not care really if it is gen 4 or not as I use standard grips anyway so gen3 would be fine.
  7. Hi, I have been looking all over the internet to try and locate Glock 17/22 (specifically Gen 4) replicas. Everywhere I go it seems is sold out. In fact, a great many other models as well are sold out. Anybody have any answers as why this? And where a good source for a full frame Glock replica gas blowback pistol would be? Thanks in advance.
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