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  1. Ive got a G&G M4 thats frame was damaged in action, so I'm selling the gearbox, motor, etc. I'm wondering how much I could ask for it. I'll disassemble it pretty much completely, sell whatever I can. Any information welcome, I'm also looking for places to sell the parts, local airsoft places aren't interested in giving me much more than $30 for the entire thing.
  2. I've used around 10 GBB pistols, owned more than half of them. So far the best I've used is the HFC M190 (Beretta 92 brigadier model). It has both a semiauto and full auto switch, a 20 round standard magazine capacity, and is completely metal. I've had it for two and a half years now, fired it a completely ridiculous amount, and its still working fantastically. The magazine started having leaking issues after a while, so I purchased a new one, and it works like new. Also, after about two years of having it, a trigger spring broke. I ordered a new one off Evike, and after ten minutes and a very helpful youtube video, I had the gun working again. Gotta say, worth every cent of the 120 I paid for it. If anyone else has it, post questions, comments, concerns, etc
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