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  1. Reddit: roguepotato_ *please disregard, using for feedback proof*
  2. It's the mock extractor. For airsoft, it's completely cosmetic and not necessary. They often fall out depending on the slide brand. To put it back in, it goes on the right side behind the ejection port. Remove the BBU and insert the extractor from behind, reinstall the BBU.
  3. You're insinuating that your opinions are correct. The truth is, we don't even know what battery the OP is running. If he's running a 7.4v, or 9.6v NiMh, saying a mosfet is a necessity is rather, well, unnecessary. Until the OP tells us what he wants to get out of his gearbox, and we know what he currently uses, it's hard to recommend anything further except to tell him what gear ratios represent what general kinds of builds.
  4. Save up for something better... all your options are China made clones with less than stellar QC. You can find used G&P for $200ish that will be better choices than DBoys/AGM/CYMA.
  5. Just put down a purchase for an SR25 (CA M110). While I don't mind the stock configuration of the 20" barrel and the keymod, I'll probably end up changing it anyway. Can standard M4 outer barrels and rails be used on the SR25? I briefly read something that said Madbull's Daniel Defense 7.62 rail is specific for the AR10 because of the wider receivers, so I'm not sure if this applies to all rails, or just DD's bolt-on nut system. Also, as far as SR25 magazines go, which ones will be compatible with the CA? I've read that G&P, A&K, PTS, CA, etc are not all 100% compatible.
  6. Completely false... "WE USA" is not a real entity. Evike has added these blue barrels for reasons unknown really. Anything NG3 just isn't realistic. For example, Evike claims that the blue nozzles now shipping in WE pistols are part of their exclusive NG3 system. However these nozzles are standard WE, and have started to ship in certain WE, HK3, and Archives sets for a while now, including other retailers. Marketing scam that sadly gets a lot of the less knowledgeable.
  7. Accidental double post it looks like, my apologies. Please delete one of them.
  8. I'm sure you can see where this is going. Looking to buy a Maruzen PPK/S. Trademarks must be intact, lack of any paint is highly desired. Cases, silencers and extra magazines would be great but are not required. I am PayPal ready and will pay according to the package. Please no boneyard items. ******* Reddit: roguepotato_ *******
  9. I'm sure you can see where this is going. Looking to buy a Maruzen PPK/S. Trademarks must be intact, lack of any paint is highly desired. Cases, silencers and extra magazines would be great but are not required. I am PayPal ready and will pay according to the package. Please no boneyard items.
  10. Not shipping speed... I'm well aware of that. Not that, but the initial 'inquiry' where a PayPal order is sent to them, and they check on the status of parts before taking payment. No money has exchanged hands.
  11. UNCompany's ordering system is a little weird and outdated by some standards you could say. I put in my preliminary 'order' to them last week and have yet to hear back from them about my inquiry. I haven't ordered from them before, so I'm just curious if this week long or so wait period is expected.
  12. Gotcha, thanks. Wasn't sure if they were secured by a screw and I haven't bothered to check. I have some contacts who can tap so this is definitely a possibility. Front sight should work though. Unsure what route I'll be taking since USP tritium is on the expensive side.
  13. I'm starting a KSC USP build... and since the GM sights are out of stock everywhere, are real sights compatible with them? Prior experiences with KSC and KWA as a whole would lean towards yes, but I'd like a sold opinion before I skip off to buy some tritium.
  14. Looking to buy a KWA or KSC USP, must be System 7/NS2, standard model. Functioning condition preferred, additional magazines/package deals not necessary. PayPal ready.
  15. WE is not using CNC aluminum... All of their slides are still zinc alloy. Even the Archives/HK3 slides. There's no performance upgrade to these really. WE's fiber rods (In their defense, like most ACM fibers) are cloudy and not that effective, and the slides are the same material. The WEI Glock slides have been cracking all over... "NG3" isn't something that actually exists, it's an Evike marketing scam. No other retailer advertises WE USA or NG3, because it isn't a new system. The tightbores (so they call them) yield no performance upgrades at all. WE has changed to a revised hop and barrel system on all their models with a proprietary bucking and shallower window cut. The barrels are looking like stock barrels that are just coated in blue (and most recently black) inner coatings. The contact patch on the bucking is smaller than before, and it's a downgrade in my opinion. (You can replace them with TM-spec, but you need to replace both the barrel and bucking together). The blue nozzles seen in the "NG3" guns are already used in the Archives WEi G-series slide kits. I recently bought a new WE M&P (using the "NG3" system) to see how it stacked up to the Marui M&P just for fun, and it made me laugh. There is no NG3 upgrade to any of the WE pistols, and while this hi-capa looks nice, it's only going to be for looks.
  16. Since I almost always use Priority mail for anything with some kind of value, I always use a new box on the basis that they don't cost me anything. But I do save most of my bubble mailers from eBay packages I receive, etc to send out small items. Just (obviously) make sure the previous addresses are not visible.
  17. One thing you should know is that the MKM and LM4 are the same base system. The MKM is the updated LM4, basically. The LM4 isn't the greatest out of the box performer, even the MKM isn't stellar. Also note that the original LM4 had a 3-piece upper receiver, which many knocked for not being very strong. New batch KWAs (starting this/last month) have been updated with a one-piece upper, fixing that issue at least. If you're looking for something realistic, the G&P/WA WOC system is the most accurate to real ARs... But they often become money pits if you start with a cheaper version. WE is a pretty good contender, the open bolt system is pretty robust. Good compatibility with real parts here which is a plus, and magazines are on the cheaper side as far as GBBRs go. What's your budget exactly? That would highly effect your choice.. But if you're looking at the MKM, I would look into GHK M4s.. the GHKs are solid performers, but you definitely pay for it.
  18. For anyone who may be interested in the future... Installed correctly. A thin rubber pad in the rear of the G&P receiver had to be removed to fit some extra material the KA gearbox has on the end. Other than that, pretty straighforward install.
  19. Looking for the following items... Please be able to provide pictures and ship within a respectable timeframe. PayPal ready. -AEG M4 Bolt Catch: Someone has to have a spare around. Standard style, nothing special/proprietary necessary. -M4 charging handle w/ mock bolt: The key part is the mock bolt, so the charging handle must come with that, nothing else necessary. -Ambi M4 magazine release: Must be ambidextrous.
  20. alberty, I currently own the KA complete gun/gearbox. I'm unaware of VFC's design, but the KA bolt catch is pinned into the receiver, with an arm that runs under the shell to a spring loaded latch on the other side that engages the lock with the mock bolt. From what I can tell, the shell appears standard V2. Considering all externals would be G&P (monolithic upper, lower, barrel, gas tube/etc), I'm not concerned about their compatibility since they were manufactured together, their tolerances with other external parts should be fine. It's the gearbox fitment. I'll be using an aftermarket (Madbull) motor grip, so no G&P there either.
  21. Is the whole unit plastic? I'm not opposed to plastic, and for that price would not mind it, as long as the quality was up to par. I presume this optic would be usable on other mounts for other GBBs? I think it's going to be tough to fight against the Trijicon RMR repros, as those are the "hot cakes" of the mini-RDS market, the pure looks give it more value to most than something based off Fast Fire or other models. I've always considered the FNX but screw VFC's price. I would only buy a plastic replacement if the quality was good, and it could withstand similar drop-test as metal replicas, and hold a zero, this last part is very important.
  22. As I am prepared for fitting. I was just wondering to make sure there wasn't some massive difference I was overlooking. The GB from the KA is from a functional bolt catch model, but the gearbox still looks to be standard V2.
  23. Pretty self explanatory question. KA standard gearbox out of a Proline model, into a G&P Magpul lower and LMT MRP upper, will they mesh well? Hop chamber undetermined at this point, but most likely KA.
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