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  1. Marui 18C. More parts available. More slides available (that's the seller for me alone). Less complex BBU. Cheap clone (WE) magazines. The only reason I like KSC is the stable performance and compatibility with real firearm parts. Even then, I'll only buy the semi automatic KSCs. Other than that, TM has an advantage if you plan on upgrading.
  2. WE F226 recoil rods, the tabs break rather easily. Not a big deal, and they can be used with broken tabs, but if you wanted. Airsplat (yeah, yeah...) has the 5150 sale, the KJW is a part of it. Something like $75 for one. Unlicensed KJWs go for $105 if trademarks arent important, personally I think the $150 or so they want for a "Cybergun licensed KJW" is ridiculous. Know the WE slide dimensions are also off... They will not fit in hardshell/kydex holsters (ie. SERPA) without modification to the holster.
  3. Guarder is going to be the cheapest option that's well made as far as aftermarket is concerned. $120-$150 for slide and frame, lots of MEU type MBKs including electroplated silver if that's interesting to you, and the TRP as well. The KJW is probably going to be your best shot at that price range if you're considering the metal slide in with the budget for the TM.
  4. That specific Socom Gear is a WE rebrand. However, there are a handful of Socom Gear 1911s that are rebrands of the KJW... I believe the Les Baer is the most popular. But for that price, you're already into Marui territory anyways. TM on propane is always a bit of a debate. Depends on the temperature you use it in really, as you can use propane in colder conditions without a problem. But, using propane in something like 95*F may put a bit too much stress. I personally use propane in almost all my TMs, but I'm also prepared at any time to buy a metal slide/frame should the stock ones break, and not everyone is up to do that.
  5. Not for under $50 other than stock slides. PGC Prime SD That's it I believe, the G17 has more options. Guges Mk3 may have some 18C slides, recommend shooting him a PM.
  6. There are stock pictures on some retailers with a simple "G" on a metal slide, but I've only ever actually seen one with that that, or any stock marking at all. Same kind of goes with the KSC G-series. Older models had white trades, newer models are shipping with black trades even though retailers do not update their stock pictures.
  7. Yes, all WE slides have molded front sights that are part of the slide... Can't use an RS sight. If it's a real HiViz, most airsoft GBBs aren't made to take real sights anyways, only a few without modification.
  8. As far as GBB goes, I think it ends up more with hard wear on other parts.. If you dry fire, the slide release and slide in that area will see increased wear, since it's contacting every shot, unless the shooter holds it down, puts in mock followers, or locks the follower such as in WE GBBR mags. As stated, the wear otherwise is pretty much the same internally.. If you cycle 300 rounds dry, then when you load it next, something like the hammer spring would have been used for 300 cycles more, etc.
  9. Eh, SRU isn't my style. Why don't you like Marui mags.... they are virtually leak free unless you really abuse them. Other than maybe a spring set, metal slides can be run without anything else if baseline is the goal. WE upgrades are not plentiful, just that there are a handful... Generation is not based on "Version 1, or enhanced Version 2" thinking. Gen3 and Gen4 are based on their own independent design based off the real firearm. Go look it up and find the differences.
  10. Airsplat is the only US retailer that's going to stock them, and even then I personally don't order from them. Learn to start ordering overseas, especially when you're asking for one of the most restrictive trademarks available. If you want a larger magazine release, then the Gen4 models are what are going to suit you. However, aftermarket extended catches for the Gen3 frames are available. As far as general parts support, they are TM-spec for the most part. However, some things like the slide itself, and some other internal components are not direct crossovers, and require modification to work. Hence, we're starting to see some WE-specific upgrade parts becoming available. If you bought the Marushin CO2, that's actually more expensive than most TMs, shipping excluded... they really aren't that expensive, and in relation to what you paid, a substantially better deal. Unless you're opposed to TM for some unknown reason, give them a second look... but WE is a viable option to run.
  11. What feels best for you... Each platform feels slightly different. Consider you've owner 2/3, you probably know how they feel and what you prefer. Once you narrow it down to a style, you can start looking at all the brands/models offered.
  12. Very few US retailers stock TM... Get used to that. UNCompany is good at what they do... Up there with the other major retailers. eHobby is losing my satisfaction, I won't be ordering from them again... You'll be fine with UN.
  13. I don't believe the X5 barrels are threaded... Because of the additional length/unique platform I don't think they would accept TM-spec barrels, even if they did make X5 lengths..
  14. G&P WOCs should follow the WA pattern.. They make specific barrel nuts for this threading.
  15. Propane isn't more dangerous... It's cheaper, and actually stored in canisters rated for the pressure inside. You have to maintain anyways, "more maintenance" for propane isn't anything that needs to be factored in. OP, you mention filling O2.. There is no O2 here. Gas magazines can use various gases (green gas, propane, MAP), and CO2 magazines for 12g canisters. HPA is also somewhat popular with compressed air.
  16. Gen4 means nothing other than appearance. The Gen4 design is based off the real Gen4 Glocks. The only difference internally is the select fire module that is not present.
  17. Stark does have hidden selectors on all their models except for the newly released Gen4 models, which lack that switch and are semi auto only. They perform well out of the box, but recently there have been a lot of reports of slide cracking at the front of the breech. Slides are also proprietary to themselves and OEM replacements are the only ones. KSC semi autos are fine and have decent parts support. The G18/auto platforms have many more moving parts, especially in the BBU, which leaves more room for issues to arise, which they do... If you want a KSC, I would only consider the semi auto platforms. You can find both overseas at multiple retailers.
  18. Recoil and hammer springs will probably be first on the list, and possibly a sight set as a cosmetic thing if I can find one I like. Of course, no Salient is complete without the cliche X300, so that'll happen. The only differences will be the lightened trigger and hammer the real prototype has, which I don't think I'll be able to replicate.
  19. Not a fan of the Guarder kits.. Last one I had the quality was lacking. The new Prime SMK25... I think that'll take the place and I'll build that instead. Any suggestions on what's "necessary" for an MBK'd 226R? Last time it clearly didn't go well for me, and the MBK is pushing the budget envelope as it is.
  20. So, I need a new build, and the 226R is going to be built, again. Pro-Win made an Elite Stainless MBK that seems to be sold out everywhere.. http://www.tokyo-model.com.hk/shop/prowin-p226-elite-metal-slide-and-framesilver-p-977.html?cPath=1_27 Are these permanently out of production? If they are, that just means the SMK25 will be built, but I'd still like to do this one.
  21. As with all TD style grips, I can't stand the grip angle, but that's just me, I prefer the somewhat vertical approach. Difficult with an AEG, but you can try.. I would throw the recommendation for the Madbull Umbrella Corp 23... Somewhat new product to the market, pretty comfortable, but kind of thick in diameter.
  22. Level I Retention, problem solved. None of those buckles or clasps. I don't use any sling... When I swap, my primary leans against a wall... I don't usually go back for it unless I need. Forces me to use my handgun, and makes the game more interesting.
  23. All websites when ordered overseas will apply orange paint. As far as how much, regulation is 1/4in, but you can see up to 1/2in on some guns. Some paint used is easily removable however with the right amount of patience, but something like epoxy probably won't ever come off.
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