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  1. Um, you can't take the 4% PayPal takes, they automatically take it... If you take an additional 4%, that's 8% lost, still absolutely rediculous, and in a way makes the fine print even more deceptive than it already was. I'll remove my listings if there are going to be hidden fees. If it's a matter of you losing money, either lose it, or be upfront about the fees charged and suffer lower site traffic, that's what would probably end up happening.
  2. It doesn't lock, it's spring loaded to the center. You have to grab it from the position parallel to the gun body, then swing it out in whatever direction suits you.
  3. Honestly, it's annoying, but most people should expect to be lowballed, it's part of the game. If you put OBO next to your price, one person's definition of a lowball could be different than how you value it. That's what negotiation is for... You can either haggle to an agreeable price, or you decline their offer, and move on. It's the line that's drawn when insults and idiotic things come out of it, like threatening feedback, complaining about lowballers, or attempting revenge.
  4. I almost always do on the pure basis that I enjoy playing with a GBB more than an AEG, that's also why using only a sidearm is common for me. I could certainly get away with not carrying one, as can most.
  5. The plastic is the same as the plastic on their GBBR lowers. Decently durable, feels fine. I wouldn't be concerned with it cracking, like JG or something. Due to WE's choice of design, the MK17 will be able to take standard M4/MK16 magazines, but that also means proprietary MK17 magazines.
  6. 10%? Clearly my reading skills aren't up to par... Looks like I won't be using my account lol. People sell on forums, facebook, and on websites to avoid the obnoxious fees that eBay charges, with their greedy 11%. A 1% difference isn't going to gain any site encouragement, sorry to say.
  7. Just as the title says, I'm looking for yet another one.. possibly more. Since I just finished my most recent build, I've already found another I'd like to do. Looking to buy KSC G17s. They can be KWA or KSC, but only those two, and only the 17. Not interested in your G18, G19, etc. I don't really care if they work or not, boneyard is fine with me. They also don't need magazines, but either or works. I will pay according to condition, funds ready. I really don't want the "new, owned for one week" 'deal' either. While I need one bare minimum, two wouldnt be too bad. PM is the best way, including a picture and a price makes things that much easier. Thanks!
  8. I see no value in this really.. Meet hard materials with even harder ones? I can't imagine there's any cooldown benefit to this either.
  9. Yes, make recommendations about WE as a whole instead of the model he's asking about. That helps... If you like the SMG8, look at the New Wave Small Rice.. That's WE's take on the MP7A1, and is a newer version than the SMG8. If you want to get into the world of GBBRs with a low budget, that's hard to accomplish. The SMG8 is more of a glorified pistol/SMG than a GBBR.
  10. The V3 and V2 gearboxes are build for specific platforms, respectively. You cannot use a V2 in a body designed around a V3 gearbox. You can replace it with a different V3 gearbox if you choose, but not with a V2.
  11. Since I finally finished my previous project build, I'm off looking for a new one. I don't have a preference, other than that a full size or compact frame is preferred, no subcompacts. Most models will be looked at, but no revolvers, hi-capas, or M9A1. Black or silver only, tan, OD, or painted guns will be politely declined. Pictures and a price will be requested in the very first return PM, so please have them on hand if possible. Boneyard/functioning are fine, the closer to stock the better.
  12. There are do's and don'ts of maintenance. You don't need silicone in the barrel group or the magazine, but using the correct lube on the slide rails, hammer group, etc is a must.
  13. For anyone interesting in knowing... The RS hammer housing pin is fractionally wider than the KSC pin, so some light sanding was required to fit the GFA to the frame.
  14. Looking to buy a WE P229R/F229R. Must be the railed counterpart, doesn't have to be functioning. Multiple magazines welcome. PayPal ready. Not looking for the P226.
  15. NPAS doesn't adjust up... They are meant to restrict gas flow, they can't make the opening any larger than the nozzle allows. The most unrestricted NPAS setting will still be lower than the stock valve. You can threadlock the threads on the NPAS if you want.
  16. There are repro M-frames around.. I believe they're Element? M-frames, they come with whatever rated clear lenses there are, but real Oakley lenses can be substituted, just as the example you provided probably did.
  17. Theyre fine.. Its all ACM stuff. Shipping from HK is always a factor, but their prices are hard to beat. It'll make you never buy a used optic again.
  18. They were eBay sights... Look around there, they may not be that cheap but they are available. Greenbase also carries Gen1 and Gen2, untraded.
  19. Paid $13 for ACM MBUS sights.. Perfectly acceptable for airsoft. However the slight manufacturing issues might lead to accuracy/durability issues with legitimate rifles.
  20. I know the trigger block pin will not work, but I'm curious on the hammer housing pin. I picked up the Grip Force adapter, and in hindsight didn't think about pin diameters with the extended pins. Anyone know if they are similar enough to pass through?
  21. Real Magpul was never really intended for airsoft use. In the real world, parts are a lot more expensive than the Asian-made products we have. Some people are totally fine with spending that, and seeing as PTS wasn't any better, ACM products have flooded the market, as alberty said. Value is in the eye of the customer.
  22. Go with the Dangerwerx. While cutting the barrel will work, at 9" the drop won't be stunning, and may not be enough to significantly drop it. Usually that takes a 7" crown or so. The RATech NPAS for the KWA MP7 also works if you want to adjustability.
  23. Those nozzles are complete crap... Some of the worst tolerances I've ever seen. If you don't have one of the newer ones, then the nozzle spring guide mod should be top of the list.
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