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  1. These are the only midcaps that I use, at $12 a piece. Solid, and one piece metal shell as opposed to two piece on most mid and highcaps. CA mags would be your best bet, as they are guarenteed to fit.
  2. I personally had bad experiences with JG. I assume a higher price brings better quality, but Im trying to stay away from them.
  3. I personally owned a JG Ak47, and it fell apart after a year. The piston is crap, and stripped after a year with maintance and only an 8.4v. Go CYMA for an Ak47 in this price range.
  4. Why is nonblowback recommended? G&G has their pneumatic system that doesnt put strain on the gearbox, which is what attracted me. Tan is just an afterthought, it could be black, doesnt matter.
  5. If youre new, you don't have to spend $300. Spending $200-$250 will get you a nice gun that can be upgradeable, with enough cash let over to buy a nice battery and smart charger, with some accessories if your wallet can stretch that far.
  6. The Echo 1 Stag Arms ST6 is a fantastic option. THe FPS comes in around 370, nice for any outdoor. Runs metal RIS with a nice polymer body. That's $195 USD, not sure of the conversion rate there. The Combat Machine is a nice option, their bodies are suprisingly durable for being polymer. They are basically CQB, so FPS is on the low side, but they are Version 2 upgradable.
  7. I'm looking for an M4 AEG under $200. My current look is on a G&G Combat Machine M4 Raider DST Blowback, link here: http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPat...oducts_id=34459 Requirements: -CQB Ready (<350 FPS) -Metal Gearbox (Thats a given) -Crane stock battery (I have bad experiences with handguard model M4A1s) Would like, not necessary: -Metal RIS, although hand guard is okay too) -Blowback (hence the G&G) -Tan/Desert colored. If you know a gun that fits in this bracket, please let me know!
  8. Airsoft GI has a ton of screws, and the MP5 should be found there, as I get stuff for mine there. If they arent really specialized and generic, your local Home Depot / hardware store should have what you want.
  9. It depends. For RIS, D-ring is the easiest, and generally cheaper. If youre looking at metal Ris (I would assume so) there are nice rails for somewhere between 80 and 100. Be careful though, some may not line up with the top rail of your combat machine because of their rail style (flush with the receiver, hk416-esque). For barrels, I would go 6.03mm. The accuracy greatly improves, and FPS by a bit, enough to hit 350 confortably if you have the CM im imagining. You can get a bucking upgrade, but I would see your accuracy with a barrel first. G&G has decent hop up units that should be fine for a while at least.
  10. I have a JG MP5A5 (Collapsable stock version), and I was looking for an RIS system to mount a flashlight/foregrip for indoor games. I found one, but Im not sure if its good quality or what. Also, I cant figure out if it holds a battery or not. Based on the fact that some AEGs are sold with this kit, I would say yes, but is there confirmation? Here it is: http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPat...oducts_id=37760 Also, what is the rep on Evike? is the site ok to order from? Thanks
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