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  1. Of course I'd always recommend a TM.. but for most people that's out of budget and the hassle of import deters them. Even though it really isnt a hassle. I take it he's into a hi-capa... In which case the KJW is a solid choice, he should be satisfied with that. If the isn't set on a hi-capa, or isn't sure, I suggest shooting and feeling different styles of handguns first.. Handgun grips are very different from each other.
  2. There are plenty of sights meant for lower 1/3 cowitness, not perfect cowitness. If you plan on using the RDS for most of the time, tune your hop accordingly to mesh with the dot.
  3. East coast doesn't require CO2.. I live on the east coast and live with propane all year round... Cycling MBKs in cold weather has never been an issue. All of the Big Birds coming out are fine... With the exception of lemons you shouldn't be concerned. Slide would be more of an aesthetic thing at best, maybe lightening up the gun a bit. There aren't any WE M&P slides (aftermarket) with just the plain M&P9/40 design, except for the Detonator 5" Pro, and Im not sure the RA came out yet. Trademarks are one reason why people like me enjoy aftermarket slides, but it really isnt necessary. When Marui M&P parts start to roll out onto the market, look for those. You'll eventually be able to build the same gun, except on a nicer platform. Sure the TM will cost $150ish, but what slide set would you buy that's $200? Ace1 slides arent that expensive except for the RMR G-series ones, and at that point just sit on the waiting list for the nicer quality GM slide.
  4. Ghosting is the term for the flashback you see in the lens. Happens when the optic is either too bright for the environment, or just a bad quality optic in general. ACM repros will be hit or miss, some will have minimal ghosting while some will suffer badly. Something along those nicer ends like Vortex, etc shouldn't have that issue. Anything that is meant for real firearms will generally be fine in that regard. As to what style optic you want, is up to you. Find what you like and what suits your needs best.
  5. You won't get a clear response here. It's recently added to their products, chances are nobody has it. Even if they did, only select rails would be up for trial if you think about it. Roll the dice and pick it up, or wait for someone else to use the exact same setup you want, which is unlikely. Assuming the same tolerances as something like a JG/other Chinese AEG, it should fit "AEG-spec" rails. Don't expect WA/G&P or WE/RS threads to work of course.
  6. The WE M&P9 is called the Big Bird for licensing restrictions. They can't call it an M&P. The early versions had some sear and hopup wheel issues.. However they have been fixed since before the 10k serials. Newer models have no issues in that regard. They are not compatible with anything Cybergun M&P9. Only compatible with barrel and hopup bucking with the TM as of now. Slides for the WE will not fit the TM. Each M&P on the market is unique in slides, frames, and magazines. Ace1 G17 and G18 slides were unsatisfactory for most. Their early entry into the CNC game left a lot to be desired. Their newly released G34 RMR is supposedly a good quality increase. There are better options. Any G-series will not be legally listed on any US stateside retailer. HK retailers are still "legit" and can still be purchased. That being said, the WE will not accept any TM based slide. Ace1, RATech, and Pheonix all make WE-spec slides. ISSC M22=WE G17, so the TM slides will not fit. If you're basing your gun selection on the "Ace1" slides, then you can also reconsider. The Salient/SAI look is produced by many manufacturers, many of which are better in quality than the Ace1. Guns Modify and Airsoft Surgeon are nicer replicas of that slide set. I would also reconsider the CO2 aspect.. Nothing good comes from CO2, no matter how you look at it. Its a harder, unregulated gas that puts unnecessary wear on the internals. Want a G-series? Start looking overseas, that's the only place you'll find 90% of the parts you want.
  7. Looks like just another ACM replica of a VLTOR set, nothing extraordinary. Sure, you may fit most rails, and most gearboxes in there, but that is completely speculative.
  8. Throwback to the days I used to own this pretty thing..
  9. Just use propane. Easiest way. The only CO2 guns would be the KJW w/ CO2 magazines.. While running CO2 isn't smart for anything airsoft, that's probably the strongest option. EF, KWC, etc aren't worth your time.
  10. Eh, he may not need ER for all we know. Neo Strike is probably the top chamber but rather expensive. ProWin is the next option that many choose. The point he was making is also that if "money is not important" then you can spend ridiculous amounts to get the best of the best. We don't know the velocity you want out of the gun, so the soft bucking may or may not be suited for you. You also need to match the cylinder to the barrel length, and all that stuff. You may not want a full rack piston depending on your setup. G&P is usually fine, and the external quality is up there. A lemon internally probably wouldnt be a big deal if you were upgrading out of the box anyway for whatever reason. VFC has the externals down (trademarks excluded, unless you go to HK for those), but not everyone is a fan of their self-shimming gear design. We don't know too much on Kyrtac outside of some information I've picked up from Allizard.. We know nothing on upgrade potential, metal receiver compatibility, GB shell compatibility, etc. At this moment, I'll agree with the OOTB KWA-type thinking for that.
  11. The WE G18 is notorious for the cracked nozzle issue, although you can DIY fix it if you really want. Personally I'd just go for the G17, I don't think the G18 is the "best option for the conversion kit". If you want a P226: KJW is probably your best bet, using TM or WE mags since the KJ ones have some leak issues usually. That is if TM is off the table for whatever reason. If you want a G-series, TM, or KSC if you want to go that route.
  12. Most CQB fields don't regulate full auto fire. "Most" Glocks are not auto. Only the 18C, certain 23s and 26Cs. The automatic ones are also a lot less reliable than the straitforward semi automatics. Why would you want the KWA M226? That thing is probably one of the most proprietary KWAs, and youre limited in every sense. If anything something TM based would be a lot more beneficial, also giving you the opportunity for longer inner barrels, something popular with the conversion kits. G-series and SIGs also have a very different grip feel, and the bore axis is very different (not so important for the kits). If you havent used them both I would suggest doing so before making a decision.
  13. That gun style is manufactured in both a 4.5mm and 6mm version. Obviously the first time a 6mm was purchased, and this time around youre looking at the 4.5mm. 6mm will not work in the 4.5mm or vice versa.
  14. LM4s are all milspec.. WOC, depends. WE is generally milspec. Wobble also depends on your stock more than the tube.. An ACM MOE is going to wobble (possibly), even if it claims to be a milspec version.
  15. Cheap battery+stock ACM motor=slow ROF. Consider both a quality battery and a quality motor, although certain stock motors are known to be pretty good out of the box. Also, a motor grip that has a heat sink can help vent out heat from the motor. What's your version of "slow"? JG gearboxes usually come with an M120 and don't have strong ROF numbers to begin with. Stock CMs can usually do better, assuming the same battery.
  16. The recoil shock engine is definitely unique... But remember that they use proprietary magazines. You can purchase an adapter to use standard AEG magazines, but that disables the bolt stop function.
  17. Personally I don't see any value in Firepower stuff. Their CO2 and spring pistols are strikingly similar to KWC stuff... Their cheap LPEGs are nothing to drool over either.. The scope-fed, battery in the magazine style is far from popular. At the $70 you would spend on their LPEG, a used JG is a safer bet. Considering these are the "throw away when they break" kind of guns, I would see no point in recommending them to new players either. If they came out with something sporting a standard metal GB for a price with quality that could compete, anything's worth taking a look at.
  18. You just asked a forum of guys why your parents act the way they do. We don't really know... Parents are their own people with their own beliefs. Just because they make a lot of money doesn't mean you should take it for granted either... Maybe something like offering to pay the entrance would show them you are interested or something. Not trying to give you a life lesson, but you basically were asking for it. Bottom line, if you want to play, wait until you can drive or find a friend to drive you to make it less of an inconvienence for them. If you plan on playing with only a pistol... Have fun with that. It certainly isnt impossible, but takes a different play style. And multiple magazines. And quality BBs. And not an M93R. Consider an AEG if you plan on low key maintenance and all. If you want to stick with a GBB, pick something that isn't select fire. More internal parts and sears means more susceptible to wear. Also, KWA mags are on the expensive side if you planned on buying more. I think you'll be satisfied with a KJW, for a lower price as well.
  19. Im curious how they ended up with a POM valve blocker but not the whole POM nozzle or something. That brass valve is rather weird. While I see the logic of shortening the nozzle tip the hi-capa nozzle usually isnt known for issues like that.
  20. 1. V3 gearbox is different than a V2, you cannot swap between platforms. 2. Are you looking for complete, drop-in gearboxes, or specific parts to go inside the existing one?
  21. While I don't see the huge advantage, the King Arms version is purely in the body and not gearbox related.. But that requires you buying a KA body with the functional catch. Or one of various VFC or clone SR16E3 bodies.
  22. RATech barrel, and an AST/Maple Leaf or REAPs bucking.
  23. Green Gas can cycle the RATech carrier without issues. CO2 mags won't last longer, that's for sure. I would probably argue even V1 gas mags are on par with most of the CO2.
  24. What simplicity does CO2 offer? You can fill a gas mag faster than swapping a CO2 canister. Buy a small can of Propane, no larger than a GG can and it can easily be carried if you plan on reloading on the go. You seem to try and find the pros of CO2.. And not look at the cons.
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