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  1. Question for any of you guys running thunder Bs, how do you retain them in your loadout while preventing accidental pin extraction? I currently have one of these: http://www.visiontactical.com/index.php/vi...o-grenades.html But a few weekends ago the pin either worked its way loose or was accidentally pulled by something while the grenade was still in my vest. Predictably, the grenade detonated on my vest about 2 feet from my ears. It didn't do any permanent damage, but its not an experience im looking to repeat either. So my question is do you guys know of a holster that prevents the pin from being pulled or do you have an alternate way to secure the pin in the grenade to avoid accidental detonation? Thanks! (Yes I know the picture shows the pin bent at the end to prevent accidental detonation, but that makes the pins essentially one time use)
  2. How many rounds have been through the lm4, and what exactly is a "crowned valve?"
  3. if that helmet light works and fits on a 20mm rail, I'll take it
  4. I THINK kjw=kwc at least as far as my research has gone. If this is the case, most KJW parts should also be compatible with TM parts. I know that guarder makes a 1911/meu barrel bushing for $20 and its readily available at a lot of retailers.
  5. if you want a quality 1911, get a marui. They run perfectly well on GG. As per your concern about it running out of gas in the mags, that is not a marui specific problem. The problem is the design of the magazine is very thin and thus has a limited capacity compared to say high capa mags which are significantly thicker and hold more GG. Any 1911 that you get will have this issue regardless of brand. Marui if anything is more efficient than its competitors since metal slides require more GG to run than marui's plastic stuff. Marui is also generally accepted as the de facto standard for GBB, great range, reliable as hell, and just all around great weapons. As to CO2, wouldn't advise it. From a practical standpoint if ur playing a CQB field most of em cap off at 350 FPS which makes ur 400FPS handgun too hot to use. I've also seen people blow out seals in their WE CO2 pistols and just generally witnessed the crap quality of WE guns. I have a hard time recommending WE for anything other than just backyard plinking.
  6. Fair enough mate. Then you have a perfectly legitimate reason to get it. Although I would recommend getting some 40 rnd mags for he 1911 first :)
  7. eh never could justify em personally. It probably works fine, but all youre doing is taking away the compactness of a pistol and making it as bulky as an smg without the additional range benefits
  8. I find it wierd that your posting a topic like this on a site where the vast majority of the userbase owns at least one or more high grade aegs... It sounds like your more of a backyard airsofter. Nothing wrong with that just calling it like I see it. I'd wager the majority of people that you asked are fairly serious airsofters who use moderate to high grade aegs. I don't see why you are so shocked they refuse to recommend a $3 chinese springer to you. For starters, 90% of springers are crap put out by no-name companies. Second, they simply cannot recommend them to you because these airsofters see no utility for them. $3 dollar springers are useless in anything outside a backyard. Therefore we see them as a waste of money. Lastly we are basing our recommendations off what will get you on the field with us. A springer just wont cut it. So in short yes springers are lpegs are fine for backyard wars. They are still of extremely low quality. If someone wants to play anywhere outside the backyard they need something else. So ya, I'd rarely if ever recommend a springer and basically always advocate for saving up for something better. Backyard wars are fun, but they got nothing on field games.
  9. Ehh the red paint is a bit of a turnoff but I'd be willing to take 2 mags for $70 shipped. Just out of curiousity how are those mags painted, with spray paint? If I do get em I'll probably end up taking it off. Thanks for considering!
  10. The serrations gave it away :). I didn't like em personally so I run the tactical entry ii kit on a 4 yr old tm 1911. Runs like I bought it yesterday. Just nice to see another 1911 nut so thought I'd throw ya a shoutout
  11. that the hurricane SIS kit your rockin in ur pics? Looks like a sick 1911 either way
  12. If you're willing to part out the mp7 I'd be willing to buy the 2 unpainted mp7 magazines and the low power bolt. If you are pm me a price on em, thanks for considering! :) Tried to PM you but didn't work for some reason wierd.
  13. math seems ok but in terms of pain I think your forgot to account for the paintball's tendency to deform on impact prior to bursting. Airsoft hurts more on bare skin because bb's do not noticeably deform on impact. Thus when shot on bare skin with a bb all of the force is localized in a relatively small area. When a paintball hits bare skin the paintball undergoes significant deformation exposing even more surface area of the painball to the skin than I think your equations account for. Without a method of computer modeling and data regarding the elasticity/yield strength of paintball skins I couldn't say for certain how much more this is but I'd guess in the neighborhood of 60% of the paintball gets skin exposure. Conversely when someone wearing semi loose fitting clothing such as a bdu incurs a hit I would expect a paintball to render more pain than a bb. A bb simply does not have the momentum to displace the cloth and incur a painful hit. As per your calculations the bb only has 1J of energy to break through two barriers. A paintball on the other hand has much more energy behind it again as per your calcs 14J worth. This enough energy to significantly displace the cloth and produce noteable pain to the skin underneath. Given that few people actually play airsoft either shirtless or with relatively skin tight clothing its easy to understand how airsoft has become the sport associated with less pain. People like to and to a certain extent are even encouraged to equip themselves with nice gear. Airsoft lends itself to milsim and all the gear and protective equipment needed in real life but which is mostly ornamental in airsoft. At the high end of things tac vests, helmets, etc basically stop bbs in their tracks. A bare minimum loadout I.e. a bdu or street clothes jeans, long sleeve shirts, etc are at least moderately effective protection. Given what I've seen observing paintball games more experienced players show the exact opposite trend of airsoft players. They tend to dress down, favoring lighter loadouts for more speed/dexterity/maneuverability. Thus their hits tend to hit more because of the heavier projectile and their lighter armor.
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