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  1. looking to buy a vfc pdw, would prefer VFC or KA trades to elite force trades. pm me with details and a price please!
  2. Hey I might be interested in the XS combat shirts. Is there like a height chart for sizes on those? I'm only 110 pounds but I'm 5'6". Also would you be willing to haggle on the price at all? Kinda steep. I can find massif xs shirts on ebay for ~$10-15 which seem to be a better brand.
  3. Can't decide between these three brands. I want something that will last a long time, good internals+externals, and easy to upgrade if need be.
  4. Probably a longshot, but are you selling any extra batteries? I'm looking for 7.2 / 8.4 mini type batteries for my p90.
  5. Interested in batteries 3,4,6 pm me what the shipping would be?
  6. Looking to buy a PC in black, OD, or CB. (my pouches are black so I'd prefer black) I'm 5'6" and 110 pounds so an XL won't work. Not looking to spend more then around $60. 6094s, JPCs, or FAPCs would be great but I'd take anything small.
  7. Interested in the ciras, what pouches does it have?
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