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  1. Thanks, sorry I haven't be on recently. It is a well mb01 I found out. I have a spring upgrade. Where would I find the tool to open the forward end of the spring assembly?
  2. Yes it is the gun I have, I found the specs for it. Alberty, isn't this supposed to be helpful rather than accusatory?
  3. Thanks! I've been trying to find disassembles and specs online, but have found nothing.
  4. What inner barrel length do I need? I've been looking online, but don't know what my gun's barrel length is.
  5. Thanks any tips on trusted sites to find these?
  6. I have a spring Mauser sr airsoft gun that shoots about 570 Fps with a .12 gram bb. I shoot a .32 gram Milsim max bb. I had to purchase a new all metal trigger box assembly. Looking to improve accuracy and range. What are some upgrades and I purchase to do so. The box is pictured in attachment for identification.
  7. I have a cybergun mauser sr. I am trying to get more range and accuracy for it. I have all stock parts in it as of now, except for an all metal trigger box since mine broke. What upgrades should I get first and what brands are the best?
  8. what kind of parts will fit in a cybergun mauser sr? and what are the best to get?
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