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  1. I think it would draw a lot of customers. Maybe not people like you but at least their fan boys would go for it. Its a little more interesting than Tim vs Bob because really Tim and Bob are both on the same team. Plus its just for fun and entertainment you aren't trying to prove anything serious.
  2. get matrix aim top m16's they look reliable. Better than CYMA's. I'm sure if you go to a small airsoft retailer and say you are buying from a team, than they will give you some kin of discount
  3. I used a paintball mask that was full head protection. I couldn't aim for nuggets. Would not suggest using a paintball mask because it generates lots of fog and inhibits your aiming (depending on your loadout). Just spend the money on a decent airsoft mask. mesh masks: pro: no fogging con: hard to aim with iron sights plus chance of bb shatter. Your filed may not let you use these unless you are 18 years old clear lens one piece: pro: works con: may fog up two piece (lower half and goggle set up): pro: looks really good. More flexible con: finding good goggles may be expensive Just make sure your mask is breathable and you can AIM with it.
  4. Does Godfather have good service? Afterall they have their own field
  5. cool I would love to feature you guys on my blog when you start up. Just don't be too pricy please!! my blog:- Moderator edit: You need to have a Sponsor account in order to advertise your blog links.
  6. So you know hoe Jarek and CrazyNCman are always dissing each other on youtube? They should have one of those 150 vs 150 events where they are captains of the two opposing teams and in the end they are forced to face off one on one. It would be a good way to settle who is the better airsofter.
  7. Well the fact is japanese brands are expensive to the person looking to getting into airsoft. But honestly the new brands aren't all crap theyre just a bit more economy class
  8. people hate them yet they still get more views then me...(sigh) Well I guess having negative viewers is worse than having no viewers.
  9. I looked up hop up on the French copyright office's database. Its trademarked by cybergun.
  10. All evike and agi want to do is make money. Evike never posts footage of their staff playing and yet their supposed to be a company that reaches out to airsofters. Not that gameplay footage makes them any friendlier (because agi does that). Evike in particular relies on scamming new airsofters. that's why the inventory they carry really caters to new airsofters. For example, one of their best sellers is the box of awesomeness. Why would any experienced airsofter want to pay 100 for a box that probably contains an economy class as in "nothing special" aeg when they already probably have an upgraded aeg of their own?
  11. Well if he's been playing airsoft for a while and hes interested in it he should just jump to a kwa m4. He should get it form Godfather airsoft because they price match and you don't have to go through evike's crappy service
  12. Who do you think is the best airsofter on youtube? This person has to post airsoft gameplay to qualify so Crazyncman doesn't count. My favorite airsoft youtuber is tophatrunner. check him out! He actually takes time to edit his videos so that you could see what he is shooting clearly! http://www.youtube.com/user/TopHatRunner
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