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  1. So, love the gun but find the hop up adjustment to be a pain. I am thinking of either fabricating a tool to adjust it....or dremeling out the window a bit so I can. But before I do either, does such a tool exist? I don't want to reinvent the wheel but I am thinking that just a bent paperclip would do the job...but would be flimsy. I am actually thinking about taking on of the many extra small allan wrenches I have that came with furniture and modding on of those to do it.

  2. Well, I used to run my SL9 out at Gamepod but once I picked up my MP5 I have found it to be too long. Even my G36 feels too long to move around in buildings.

    But good to know on the gas. I have been trying to sort out the while gas vs heat thing via physics and it just wasn't working out. I normally run Puff Dino gas in my pistol and have been pretty happy with that. I have the RATech NPAS to install so basically that was my plan. I think I am over thinking the whole thing lol.

  3. Firstly, it's just "bolt" or "bolt carrier group". You may get people confused using the term "block" which is used for other things e.g. gas block, rear sight block, etc.

    Secondly, what exactly is a "good" fps?


    Fair enough. I was using the term 'bolt block' as its what they call it on the WE site, but yes, 'bolt' makes more sense for the whole part. As for the FPS, the fields I play on limit to 400 fps. On field allows 350 inside buildings....but lets face it a G39 isn't going to do well around corners. So, I would like to set up one bolt to shoot under 400 fps on cool days and one bolt to shoot under 400 fps on hot days.


  4. So, I recently picked up a WE G39 with a little bit of wear on it. Overall the gun is solid and I am very happy with it. This is also my first GBBR so apart from my KWA Mark IV I know nothing about gas guns.


    The nice thing about this gun is that I have two bolt blocks for it. I have cleaned it from stem to stern and got it all lubed up but I have yet been able to get it on a chrono to find out where each block shoots. I was told that one shoots around 500fps and one is about 400 fps but I don't know for sure.

    As I live and play in and around the Bay Area I know I will be using it in a broad range of temperatures.

    So, my question is: is there an optimal fps to shoot for in cool weather that equates to a good fps for hot weather? I would like to ballpark it in and then do any tuning when I get it out in the heat.

  5. its probably good for what you are doing its probably fine but if you go an actual airsoft field you will find it horribly under powered. Fields generally cap airsoft rifles at 400 fps. They can be as low as 350 fps and as high as 500 fps for sniper rifles.

    But if you and a buddy are just running around a field popping each other, 180 fps is fine.

    However, make sure you are both wearing eye protection and not doing it in a public place where the police may be called by a concerned passer by.

  6. Guges- I really have to smack the hi caps in. At first I was concerned I was torquing the hop up unit but as it turns out its just a really tight fit in the mag well. I have to give them and extra smack to get the hi caps while the low caps just click in.


    alberty- interesting. I thought the older TMs were all metal. But that would make sense as I don't remember having as much trouble getting the gear box in and out of the body. its a really tight fit. oh well, over all the gun looks and feels amazing so I can deal with minor issues here and there. The price was good too so I can't really complain.

  7. So, I recently picked up an old school all metal TM G3. I recently had it tuned to shoot 400 fps as it was only shooting 211 fps.

    My issue is that I have several low caps for it that fit perfectly. The hi caps I have do not fit so well. I really have to slap them in which off sets the hop p, dropping my fps down to 350ish. After some time with a tape measure it turns out that the space between the placement of the bb lip is off by a 1/16 of an inch. This tiny bit is enough to screw everything up. The low caps measure 2 1/8" between the mag hook and the far inside lip.
    I have no idea what brand the mags I own are or even how to tell but I am curious if the TM hi caps will fit. I mean, I presume that they will as they are TM but would like to know for sure before I start ordering from all over the globe.


    Anyone else have this issue?


  8. how the hell do you use a bullpup with a c-mag? lol. I mean, physically, how do you hold it? I cant even imagine getting my hand to the grip to pull the trigger.



    I build a mod mount for my BAR and it was a pain, but it works well. The real trick to doing the mod is to make sure that everything lines up. I had a bunch of broken M4 hicap mags lying around to cannibalize and I ended up cutting up two of my my BAR mag bodies to get it perfect. I went through three (?) M4 internals to get everything the right length and then put bolts through the BAR mag body to keep it all tight,

    I didn't want to cut up an existing mount, though in hindsight that might have been the way to go but not really sure

  9. It will also depend on where you play and the rules there. As everyone says, 'need' is relative. I carried mine with me at one location for seven games before I ever even drew it.....and then I used all four of the mags I had for it in an intense close range pistol fight. Some places only allow you to engage inside with a sidearm only and as some have said, some places have pistol/gbb games only.

    So its all about how you want to roll

  10. depends on what is allowed where you play.


    bb shower grenades....*shrugs* as people have said, expensive single shot shotgun. If you fire projectiles, kind of cool. One of the places I play allows them and if you get the projectile into the room the whole room is dead. So kind of cool. Me? I built a CO2 powered rocket launcher that fires mini nerf vortexes. The version currently in production shouldnt blow up.

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