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  1. ya could always go crazy different and get a FAMAS. Not sure on parts but they are different. G3s seem to be hard to find mags for at the moment. Lots of options on the G series. The SL9 is nice. It takes g36 mags and is pretty awesome out of the box....though depending on your field you need to drop in a 100spring to get it under 400fps.
  2. or go nuts and buy real steel wood.........yeah, I know, sounds dumb. I picked up a set of wood furniature for my TM G3. Took a little bit of work but it looks great. http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/gallery/album/754-super-g3/ http://www.robertrtg.com/store/pc/HK91-G3-PTR91-c2.htm
  3. try holding the gun right side up and every other angle first while tapping it. If the pinion gear is hung up it might be possible to move it to where it will become un caught. You could also try pushing it in as far as it could go and let it pop out as you move it about as well. Alberty has a very good suggestion and its probably the best option. Depending on the motor you might be able to find an lip you can slip a small screwdriver into and lever it from the edge of the grip. However it may bust up the motor and make it junk. This is still better that cutting the grip up and risk hitting wires, the motor and/or the gearbox. Another thought, though I don't know if its possible, someone else will have to answer this one; is the piston engaged and did that bind up the pinion gear? Just wondering if the gun is mid cycle if it would bind the gear. I have no idea if that might be a thing but something else to think about before you start cutting. And no, if you feel you have to cut it, cut as little as possible. cut as far from the gun as possible; start at the bottom of the grip. Ideally you just want to open it up just wide enough to be able to part the grip to get onto where it might be hung trying Albertys idea about every 1/4 inch. Work very slowly and carefully. I would cut the back of the grip but you are going to want to make sure the gun is stable and orientated in such a way that the wires are out of the way and the plastic bit arent raining down into the gearbox. The gun will have to be right side up for that which means you will have to cut from below. Its probably going to be at least a two person job just to hold the gun unless you have one of those mag well rests you can put in a vice.
  4. I assume you have checked to make sure its not one of the wires/connectors its getting caught on? sometimes it seems like you need one hand on the motor, one hand on the grip and one hand moving the wires to keep everyhting out of the way. Cutting is also a bad idea. Though if you think you REALLY need to....and I mean really really......I would use a dremel and a cutting wheel and VERY VERY carefully cut along the back of the grip.....but I personally would exhaust every option first.
  5. ahh, yeah, if its the dot then its not the mount. At this point I would take it back to the sho and swap it out for another....and mount it in store.
  6. define 'off big time' Make sure the scope is on square and that the nuts are tightened equally. Also make sure the gun is firing straight. If they are new the barrels might still contain some oil. hopefully the scope came with directions on zeroing. You might also want to ask the people about the shop about it. I know I have put my scope on the gun to discover that my gun was 'shooting way left' all the sudden. Then I discovered the back nut was too loose. got it snug and it shot fine.
  7. I generally run Ord, Sequoia and Gamepod, though generally not in that order lol
  8. I light them up as well as tell a ref. You can have your cake and eat it too .
  9. depending on where you live/play I would suggest some sort of hydration setup. I played for a few years without one...and now I cant live without it. Did someone already mention mag pouches and a dump pouch? I didn't wade thru reading all the quotes and requotes lol. If you have more than one mag you will need somewhere to put the full ones and the empties.
  10. as I understand it KWA lost the rights to the trademark. thats why Elite Force is 'making' them now. I honestly don't know if they are making them or not but they have claimed that they hold the exclusive rights to make them. that said, my kwa has been rock solid after two years of solid use. all I have done is put a tight bore into it. shoots straight and is reliable...though sometimes it ceases to shoot on semi so I have to kick over to full auto for a moment and then back to semi. The foregrip isn't so hot and the magwell only accepts kwa mags.....that or the echo ones I bought were just bunk. Haven't seen/used at TM but I the brand is solid.
  11. it can be pricey to pick up the elite force h&k sl9 is quite nice. I picked one up, removed the silencer, dropped in a 100 spring and put an amplifier on it. All that dropped my fps to ~390 fps with .20s. its a hell of a dmr. it you want to leave it as a sniper just drop in a 100 spring. that should drop the fps to below 400 if thats something you need. it has the blowback feature but is pretty easy to disable if you wish.
  12. I just put a brand new lonex box in my G3. I have a used on I was gonna put in......but decided I didnt want to have to swap the guts over again any time soon. Mine cracked in half just behind the nozzle. So I would suggest spending more money and just do it once.
  13. .....so, after some fiddling this morning I discovered that it is on fact the filling valve that is the issue. I really leaned into the can this morning, gas spewing everywhere, for a few seconds. this actually forced enough gas into the cylinder for several shots. On a whim I pulled a valve from a broken pistol mag into it. Sure enough gas went right in with very little slop....as a gas mag should till its full. So, a gas mag valve is a gas mag valve? Should I attempt to replace the original valve or is the kwa mark IV valve gonna work for the long term? This is the most time I have spend with a gas gun.....ever lol
  14. oh, so kind of like they do on propane tanks when you get them filled at the gas station (for my bbq not my airsoft guns). Hadnt thought of that. Interesting idea. perhaps that is what that second screw is for.
  15. So, I recently got my hands on one of these for a friend. He is currently serving in the marines and should be back next year. He ordered the gun and had it shipped here. I thought it best to check out the gun for issues before any sort of 'warranty' period might end. http://www.evike.com/products/40444/ The gun is beautiful though I think the ejecting shells on the field might be a pain. The issue is that it seems like I can only get enough gas into the thing for two shots. The gas cylinder is also the bolt so there isn't going to be a huge amount of space for gas I know but still, two shots? I have tried different cans of gas but each had the same issue: gas just spews out as soon as you press down like its full. I joked its like trying to put gas in a Prius; already full? wow. So, I have tried different brands of gas- same thing I took the valve out and put gas just through the valve- gas went through no problem I put the valve back in and took out the screw just behind the valve-gas went straight through. I put it all back together and.....still wouldn't gas. Anyone have any suggestions on something I might try before he and I try to begin the task of trying to get Evike to take it back?
  16. pretty sure I have seen those mag pouches at the local surplus store....or at least something similar. But then, surplus stores might be your best bet. The pants and gaiters you could probably find a sewing pattern for if your handy with a needle as well as the jacket for that matter.
  17. "its all fun and games till someone loses an eye" The three fields I play at are huge on this and for good reason. No one wants to get shot point blank and accidents happen. At an indoor field I play at the staging area is also indoors and eye protection is mandatory in that area. About every other tome I have been there some noob fires off a round which goes rattling about the place. Treating airsoft guns as if they were real is great training for those who wish to possess real firearms in the future. We all also know that airsoft as well as real firearms can 'keep one in the chamber' and that 'safety's aren't really safe'. Finger off till your ready to shoot, muzzle pointed up or down in staging areas or near non target persons, mags out and guns cleared before leaving the field. Yeah, its a big deal.
  18. red dot is good for closer engagements. If you are shooting at. longer range you might want a 4x something. I got my first 4x because on the field my guns were shooting farther than I could see (pre rx insert into my goggles) and I got tired of team killing. Now that I can see I still use it to: make sure Im not team killing to make sure I am getting solid hits to be able to identify those not calling hits in greater detail that 'that guy, you know, in the camo....with the gun?' But it really comes down to why you think you want/need one. At 60 feet your probably fine with a red dot. At 120 ft a little magnification might be handy. Also depends on environment and shooting style. If you are more run and gun red dot works great but if you sit back and do a bit of sniping 4x is groovy.
  19. wouldnt worry about it too much. I use mine then store them after the game. Sometimes they sit for two months and pthen go back on the charger the day/evening before the next game. Yes, the longer they sit the longer they need to charge but thats ok. One on my batteries is a big ol 8.6 7 cell. Been using it that way now for four years without issue as well as the battery for my scar.
  20. it also depends on how often you think you will need/use it. If you are going to take an occasional pot shot ypu can go with a springer but if you think you might be getting into hot and heavy fights go with a gbb. Mine sits on my hip hardly getting use but when I use it I can go through mags in a hurry. CO2 can work but you do have to be careful. I have a buddy that bought a CO2 revolver. Its cool but shoots around 520 fps even after burning off a bunch of shots. You could also look at a shotgun either springer or gas. The downside is that its more to carry around and a little bulky but the up side is that since you will already be recocking for each shot with a springer pistol ypu will at least look cooler doing it with a shotgun.
  21. The big birthday badh is this weekend! If you want to get your shoot on get registered!
  22. as Renegade said...china batteries aren't exactly known for quality. crap is crap. It sounds like the battery.....though using old bbs isn't a good idea either. Start by replacing the battery and giving it a good clean. Make sure you Order a battery from a battery shop and not the manufacture or you will probably get the same junk.
  23. agreed. that seems a little shady to me. If the mask on your is sufficient you shouldn't need a mouth guard......unless the terrain is incredibly rough and you know yourself to be.....shall we say....a klutz. Saw a dude trip and break his nose on the buttstock as he fell. So if you think you need it wear it but with the right mask you shouldn't have to worry about bbs.
  24. well, as someone set their car on fire.....and CA is in a huge drought.....kind of makes sense to limit the risks. If a gun burns down on the field...which does sometimes albeit rarely happen....it would catastrophic for the region. yes its an inconvenience but considering the alternative its one that most everyone is willing to comply with. If you check out the pics from the field and the most recent game you will understand better.
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